Apr 15

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World Government.

UN in town

In February 1950 James Paul Warburg announced to the US Senate

“We shall have world government whether or not we like it, the only question is whether world government shall be achieved by conquest or consent”

We can safely assume that this One World Government or the New World Order, that has been for so many years the wet dream of the elite, will not come about by consent. There have been too many protests, hackers have been busy taking down servers, the Cabal has very little privacy; they are hounded by the free press and shoes have been thrown. Hecklers invade their meeting places and shout abuse, even trusted insiders have spoken out. The Bilderberg meetings annually have fringe events; attendees are harassed by men and women wanting answers, drivers have to run the gauntlet continuously; with closed tinted windows to protect the occupants from flashing cameras. Basically; humanity is onto them.

Meetings this year are from June 9th – 14th here interalpen1

For those with eyes to see; there is a shadow government running things; there always has been. We have always had an empire, a force of control; hostile to mankind; and this world. Look back through historical records, there were the Chinese; the Greeks; the Romans and the British, the fall of one empire always made way for the rise of another. They have been the same people, the same bloodline; going way back into prehistory. These nobility work together; squabble amongst themselves for the tit-bits; but always support the agenda; thousands of years in the making. It is referred to as the great work; and it is world domination; by whatever means and at whatever the cost.

We may be forgiven for thinking that possibly that can’t be all bad; after all we are an aggressive bunch; and are pretty useless on our own, anarchy would reign. I disagree; it would be very bad. Give me anarchy any day compared to what we have now; or what they have planned for us.

Left to themselves men and women would find their own level; they would locate the compass and move in the right direction. The fact that we have been lied to, stolen from and used as slaves; means that we don’t have the big picture, when we know the truth we can make informed decisions, and anyway; we have every right to make our own decisions; and even some mistakes; it is our home and our lives to decide about.

So as the protests continue and the “governments” ignore us, what should we do? Where do we go from here?

The agenda is to chip every citizen and control every aspect of life; every single thing belongs to them; including us.

In The US now there is a “drill” to round up the people and put them in camps, the weapons will be seized; because they were not relinquished voluntarily; and they are frightened of the veterans and militia; with very good reason.

George Herbert Walker Bush once said “If the American People ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us” I think that this is the time he spoke of.


This “drill” is Jade Helm 15 and is to round up dissidents and confiscate arms. Other drills we have known, 7/7, 911, Sandy Hook; the Boston bombing; all went live.


Internment camps are prepared to house illegal immigrants from Mexico, this is the story but has been proved to be a lie. James Stone went to Mexico to search for the floods of Mexicans streaming over the border….. none, not one. So the camps are for the people, Americans. Homeland Security has ordered in billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition; heater meals and bottled water. Federal Emergency (FEMA) has camp trains with shackles, coffins and guillotines. No; you say; they would never do that…. they have done it; to the American Japanese during WWII.


The same white vehicles that are stamped FEMA in the US are on the roads in South Africa but with a UN decal. Same scam; same crooks; different sticker. The military is mobilising worldwide; all in lock step. The trigger for civil unrest; as they call it; will be a financial collapse; again; and this time people will rebel. We must not rebel, that is what they want.

The TV star Russell Brand is a puppet and has been pushing for revolution; that is his bag; and he even had a slip of the tongue and referred to the book of revolution.

So what we should do is avoid any violence and ridiculous protesting; get off the grid; stop buying what they are selling; show sympathy to all people; we are all targets of a sinister agenda; and we must support each other through these times.

Don’t fall for it. Recognise who the enemy is.

I have added links for further study.


An interview with a Marine http://freedomfiles.org/war/fema.htm

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/04/07/phase-two-of-jade-helm-15-is-emerging/

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Bank theft to trigger uprising http://www.bullionbullscanada.com/intl-commentary/26611-how-your-bank-account-will-disappear

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