Feb 09

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Our World; The Construct.


The truth has been with-held from us, not only that but we have been deliberately lied to.

We occupy a constructed reality, a very clever hologram; a dream world.

The physical world is made of atoms; if all the empty space around the atoms were to be compressed; the known 3rd dimension would be the size of a sugar cube.

Everything vibrates and this vibration allows us to experience ‘the real world’, increase the vibration and things become invisible, interdimensional.

The alternative vibrations are occupied by many other realms. Spirits; creatures and other worlds. Raise your vibration and you can walk through walls.

We have an engineered electro-magnetic soup around us to keep this dimension real to us; solid and tangible, a low vibration.

Psychics and remote viewers can see into other dimensions as they are able to raise their vibration.


ELF; EMP and HAARP are all maintaining our illusion; SMART technology and wi-fi are everywhere, these are the prison bars. Our genes have been manipulated too; and still are being messed with. We are slaves in a prison and this is not our natural home.

When we consider how we are programmed from birth it becomes apparent that we have been altered from our natural state into slaves. The ‘system’ has to keep us unaware and at all costs maintain the great illusion; that we are sinners and grunts; and that everything that is wrong is our fault; we are useless eaters and a moat in the eye of their world.

All indoctrination is based on this agenda. Education; medicine; religion; justice; finance; government and the military. All these organisations play various parts on this stage and all are intertwined.

Education teaches us only what we need to know to service their needs; teaching us to obey.

Medicine supplies us with chemical compounds to keep our lives short and dependant upon the system.

Religion provides gods to worship and keep us on our knees.

Justice keeps us subservient and cowed; punishing us when we break their laws.

Finance robs us of the fruits of our labour.

Government maintains an illusion that we have a choice about who rules our lives and convinces us that we are incapable of accepting responsibility for our actions, they create the rules to suit them.

The military keeps us unthinking; moronic and culled.


Conformity gives us rich rewards; questioning the norm leads to ridicule by our peers and life is a struggle; we are passed over for promotion and named a conspiracy nut.

The New World Order has always controlled us; it is no longer covert; is now visible and is crumbling. Now the heat is being turned up.

There is a Prime Creator; the creation was usurped and changed into a construct; our mail was intercepted.

We are not stupid; we come from spirit and prior to our enslavement lived for many hundreds of years; communicated by thought and cared for our environment and each other.

We should understand once again who we really are and all will be well. We have the power.

It is all a lie; yes all of it; and now is the moment of truth.



  1. Giftoftruth

    Hi Bobby,
    great exposition; not too long and to the point; all in all, not much to add:);
    a great website for those who find this subject appealling, namely the corrupt demuirge should also view http://www.ascensionhelp.com;

    in peace, bt

    1. Bobby

      Thanks Gift of Truth; your comment is always appreciated.

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