Mar 17

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Will the real Vladimir Putin please stand up.


We have all been subjected to enormous speculation regarding the whereabouts of the Russian President.

This speculation has covered all areas of possibility; from; in hiding underground; sick; having another baby; to dead. And the big one, the victim of a coup.

The man was missing for eleven days amidst great concern for his safety.

On 16th March he apparently turned up and spoke for the cameras; and made a comment about life being boring without gossip.


In 2010 Vladimir Putin was arrested; for corruption; see link below; and since that time we have possibly been the victims of a switch.

Putin became Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in 1999 and President of Russia in 2012.

We are aware that body doubles have been used; for various reasons; in many cases, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein spring to mind, but this case is cause for concern.

Let me add to the already massive volume of speculation.

The latest appearance was not Vladimir Putin.


If Putin was switched; when did it occur?

Maybe he was never switched; in which case; why the totally different faces of Putin?

See Jim Stone here http://www.jimstone.is/newputinnotputin.html

th6KR0LDG6Before and after plastic surgery.

President Putin has recently been coming across as the good guy; he was standing his ground with regard to the truth about the Ukraine coup. He was blowing the whistle on MH370. He has been patient regarding the ever increasing intimidation from the US and EU. He has been supporting Syria and Iran in their right to self determination and has become more popular by the day amongst the world population. He has been supporting the BRICS new financial system; an obvious thorn in the side of the bankers.

Hopefully Putin is safe; and is himself employing a double. The alternative scenario could be disastrous for mankind as Putin was almost the only man capable of slowing down the evil intentioned; banker funded; push for final control.

Whatever you think is going on; you can be assured that there is a huge exercise underway for world domination, I just hope that some of the main players on the world stage are well intentioned.

As always; review the evidence and decide for yourself.





  1. Giftoftruth

    Things that make one go hmmm … ;
    Keep up the good investigative journalism Bobby; in peace

    1. Bobby

      Thanks Gift of Truth, your comments are always appreciated. I think we have to keep a good eye for hmmmm things from now on; as stuff is beginning to get really weird.

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