Feb 23

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Whistle-blower receives a visit from The Hawks.

South African author Stephen Goodson under investigation.


This man has written two books exposing the corruption and fraud in the South African Reserve Bank and the South African banking system, to the tune of trillions of Rands owed to the people. Stephen Goodson is one of the good guys.

So apparently telling the truth and exposing criminal activity will get us into trouble? Maybe it is not criminal when ‘they’ do it; just when we do?

In the words of Richard Nixon “When the president does it; it’s not illegal” That probably applies here too. That is the subject of another article.

There are millions of good; honest folk; hungry and homeless; who have no electricity and not much water; the government owns all the land and young; strong men and women have no future. The miners are digging minerals from the land to give to corporate interests overseas; and fracking is soon going to destroy our air and what remains of the water.


The police are spraying land around Port St Johns with herbicides to kill the marijuana crops; as well as other crops that happen to be in the way; and do enough damage to the environment to cause the locals to be up in arms. Yet the private banking cartel can run a syphoning operation for decades without hindrance, internationally?

Most countries are controlled by bankers; who use any means to rape and pillage sovereign nations. When things go wrong austerity is introduced; more syphoning. Then when that fails, marshal law; with tanks and guns. Fortunately the South African Police are prepared; since 2010 they have Generals and Colonels. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Police_Service

The duty of all people all around the world should be to tell the truth and expose criminal activity; if we do not do that; we are condoning criminal activity against the people and should ourselves be punished. Do no harm and cause no loss!

I applaud the work of Stephen Goodson and his supporters.

Mr Goodson is saying that the Reserve Bank is a criminal organisation. I thought everyone knew that.


The New Economic Rights Alliance and The Ubuntu Party have backed this man to the hilt as we all should.

Come on South Africa; this is the life of future generations that is being stolen from them; and we are not only allowing it but contributing to it.

I have always thought that if somebody sells their body for sex; they are called a prostitute; such a person cannot jump up and down and complain when we call them a whore.

To the Hawks; gentlemen; it is your oath to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

So turn around; put your backs to the people and defend them from the criminals who are abusing your countrymen and bringing all good people into generational slavery. You should have a simple task; most of the criminals are in plain site; and as they are working in private practise they can be held privately accountable for their crimes. These people have offices on most street corners and seem to group together; like most street walkers do. Let’s face it you have bigger fish to fry, with the added bonus of feeling genuine job satisfaction.

Possibly as much job satisfaction as the whores have felt up to this moment.

Please view the video below; for which we thank Michael Tellinger, and check out the Ubuntu Party website; as well as The New Economic Rights Alliance; to whom we owe thanks for their work and for bringing this subject into the public view.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YddkvGQzzbs Stephen Goodson v The Hawks



To contact Stephen Goodson and to support his work contact him here abolishusury@sonicmail.co.za

Thank you Stephen



  1. Stephen Goodson

    Well written and much appreciated.
    Stephen Goodson

  2. Dee Altenburger

    Very interesting. I was privileged to be at Mr Stephen Goodmans radio interview with Dr Peter Hammond on Dr Verwoerd, last night at Tigerberg radio station.

    1. Bobby

      Thank you for your comment Dee. I am sorry that I missed the show. Stephen is a good man and doing essential work.
      Cheers B

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