Jun 15

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The New World Order


We have all heard this title bandied about, ever since G.H.W.Bush mentioned it, other; so called; leaders have referred to it too; including Hitler. So we should be aware that this is the agenda.

Few of us realise that this World Government has been in operation for many years. Let me give you an example.

Have you noticed how something happens in one country and then the very same thing happens in another?

Hydraulic Fracturing or fracking is one, used to contaminate the water; air and ground. We don’t need gas; they want us to need it; so fuel prices are manipulated; governments are bribed; sorry; lobbied; and fracking is rolled out worldwide. South Africa has recently agreed to allow it; so the price was a good one then. Fuel is not scarce; neither is water; both are abundant. We are not supposed to have access to that information; it affects the bottom line; false scarcity.

Vaccines are contaminated to make us dependent upon the pharmaceutical industry; it’s all about the bottom line and control; and hey presto; worldwide mandatory vaccines are pushed on the gullible people.


War breaks out; one country has a problem with; insurgents; finances; austerity; medical problems; terrorist attacks or something and soldiers are sent in to help; worldwide.


We can identify many bogeymen; terrorists is a good one as they can be anyone; including small children and old people. Moslems are being cast as the adversary currently; when a more peaceful; loving people cannot usually be found.

There are no countries anymore; if there ever were; flags are obsolete; and loyalties must be to the innocent; good people; trying to live in peace.

We have two classes of people on earth; controllers and the controlled. Do not be guided by propaganda on the mainstream news; be guided by your instincts and by love for your fellow men and women; as well as what is left of this lovely home of ours.

We have to let governments off the hook; they are blackmailed and threatened; or bribed and rewarded; it is difficult for them to help the people. Maybe amnesty is the way to go.

We still watch the game on TV and gobble up the advertisements of the multinational corporations; who care not a jot for your struggle; they simply want to sell more product.

The huge problem that will probably be discussed at the annual Bilderberg meetings are…. how the hell can we kill off the slaves and still retain a client base???

How indeed.


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