Jul 25

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The good guys v the bad guys


Humanity has been easily swayed, either because of wanting to do the right thing, whatever it takes, or because they want everything for themselves here and now.

So which are you? Service to self or others?

Religion tells us that we are made by god and that we have a purpose. Science tells us that we are an accident, evolved from swamp gas and we have no purpose. Would it surprise you to know that the indoctrination has crept into both of these narratives?

Our reality has been created by a sentient being, who gave us all the tools to evolve into something better than who we are. There is everything we need right here. Life is a process of self improvement, whilst helping others on the same journey.

Science has given us a story, history, etched by the victors in a war, many wars.

Look around, do you see our scientists helping us to evolve, helping us to understand who we are, where we came from and what our purpose is? Do these scientists give us any solutions?

Maybe you have studied science, that you took what you read from others and turned it into your own thesis. It is still a thesis. Do you doctor or do you heal?


What do you see for the future of humanity?

Let me tell you what I see. Chaos, all around, until a saviour comes to lead us. Who will that saviour be, a Clinton, Bush, the Tories? Well yes if you carry on interacting with them. Will they save? Have they yet?

Imagine the polling stations opening…. and nobody shows up, how would they explain a landslide victory or even a close call? OK go ahead and vote for your favourite controller, it makes no difference, they are selected.

The next five years will show us the beings behind the curtain, the ones who have been manipulating us for thousands of years. It will not be the Queen, or the Clintons.

Humanity has become cowardly, wanting to be better than the rest and our measure of better has become the acquisition of junk, brainless toys, hardware, cars and money.

Your success must be measured by your actions. I don’t mean giving to charity, as charities are a scam.

The mindset of… What’s in it for me?.. Is nothing to be proud of.

I would like to see love in the hearts of men and women, generosity of spirit, a healing touch, a guide for the lost, a helping hand where there is no room for accolade, courtesy instead of rage, a song, a smile and laughter.

Instead we witness apathy in the face of this chaos. Manipulation, greed, pain and suffering. We are not evolved creatures at all.

It is not honest to pray for the dying and then send your son to fight in the war. Witness the controllers laying wreaths for the fallen. It does not help to have wonderful children and then send them to school to be indoctrinated as you were. Watch a pretty video of baby animals and turn your face from the slaughter in the abattoir as you enjoy your steak.

Life is short, don’t waste it on acquiring more junk, spend your time wisely, consider others and try to lead a good one, remember who you are and where you came from. Look around and be thankful that good can still come of this, with help…. be one of the good guys.


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