Nov 29

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The Flat Earth Controversy. The Hot Potato.


Before you decide not to bother with this subject, allow me to quote Dresden James.

“When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic”

Should we have been born a thousand years ago, we would have looked around us and using our logic, intuition and natural senses would have known that our earth is a flat plane; unmoving and firm under our feet. When we looked into the sky we would have seen the sun and moon slowly moving across our sky; set against a backdrop of tiny lights; which we used to navigate by; those same tiny lights that we see today. Our crops would be planted and grow according to the seasons dictated by the movement of the heavenly bodies. We would swim in the water; and understand that we could float and sink because of the density of our bodies. Leaves would fall from the trees and settle on the fertile earth; because they were more dense than the air.

Our intelligence has not diminished. We have become far too trusting of authority, the ‘globalists’.

One of the first things we learn is that we live on a spinning ball, all the pictures we see; the logos of corporations confirm this. Our teachers and scientists repeat facts that tell us we are spinning and orbiting the solar system and the galaxy; which is moving at alarming speeds through an infinite expanding universe. Yet Polaris has remained directly overhead for eons.

Eric Dubay tells us the following.

If one accepts the unintuitive, but very imaginative heliocentric model, then one accepts (even though it goes against observation, experimental evidence and common sense) that the Earth is actually spinning around its axis at 1,000 miles per hour, revolving around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, while the entire solar system rotates around the Milky Way galaxy at 500,000 miles per hour, and the Milky Way speeds through the known Universe at over 670,000,000 miles per hour!”

In the beginning there was nothing; the nothing exploded and created everything; the only explosion to ever create anything. Yet we look around us and see evidence of highly intelligent design. The scientists tell us that we developed over millions of years, that stars are trillions of light years away. Yet they cannot explain why things without a spark of organic life simply never give life. We could leave a bicycle in a field for a billion years, it would never become a fancy sports car, or a man.

The agenda is to separate us from a creator, a designer, a god, or goddess.

Why does the new religion, scientism, desire to separate us from god?

Because they need us to believe that we are insignificant accidents of nature, that we are worthless and our lives are meaningless. That is how we can be controlled.

We know by now that the moon landing was filmed on a sound stage. The only group allowed to dictate the facts about our home is NASA, who are career liars. The films taken in space are all CGI, NASA admits this.

A thousand years later we have been convinced that we live on a ball, by authorities who manufacture hoaxes and indoctrinate us continuously. Scientists manufacture the facts to fit the desired results and conceal the truth, those ‘facts’ are published and the lies perpetrated by academics.

We are not insignificant, we are at the centre of a magnificent creation, designed and built by a creator who placed everything here for us to use; wisely and with love and a sense of duty and pride.

So… do we live on a flat plane? Yes. Why do I say this? Because my logic, intuition and natural senses tell me so.


Many thanks to Dave for his take on the biggest lie.


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  1. RonMamita

    I did not know you were here Sister;
    Thank you sharing!

    LOVE & Wholeness

    1. Bobby

      All good Ron. We can all do our part to make that difference. B

      1. RonMamita

        We are on a level plane and documenting our exploration:

        1. Bobby

          We most certainly are. Nothing is as it appears. We have to unlearn everything we have been taught, and approach life as a child.
          What an amazing prospect. B

  2. Bryce

    Hi bobby I came across a comment you made on another blog and now I’ve been reading your blog a bit. Can you help me? I need to know everything you might know about flat earth, 3, Arcturus, and other dimensions. Is there any way you can help me? I’m making so many connections in my personal life but I’m still confused as to what it all means

    1. Bobby

      Hi Bryce
      I am not an authority on anything, in fact the more that I learn, the more I realise how little I know.
      I have written many opinion pieces, which are simply that.
      When it comes to flat earth I am merely observing. I see water finds it’s own level, no lump in the ocean, and there is no change in the position of the stars, no parallax; so I deduce we are not moving.
      We re-incarnate, there is plenty of proof of this, so we are eternal souls having an experience on this plane. I believe our purpose is to learn and grow spiritually, here and now. I hope this helps. Thank you for contacting me B

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