Mar 27

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The coming elections in South Africa

How it all ties into the new world order. The order of the sun.



We are suddenly seeing a crescendo in the Zuma affair, which is tarnishing the already corroded reputation of our President. He is now answering to his party the ANC as well as the people of South Africa. Millions has been poured into the private residence at Nkandla for “security” upgrades, when no evidence of any such improvement has been seen.

We are also witnessing complaints by the DA or shadow party about the way corruption is and has been handled in this country, now known internationally as the most corrupt government on earth.

The people are fed up with being forced to pay for an apparent upsurge in service to self, and no service to the people.

We saw the president of the US corporation attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela; as well as a quick trip, in the company of security and associated entourage with obvious associated costs, promise an electrical miracle for the country of R7b, this obviously coming from the savings, social security and pensions of the American people, to tip into the open pockets of the corporations who will supply; possibly; these services.

There is an apparent need for electrical power, as ESKOM is incompetent and unable to dry out the coal as it should. Wet coal in Gauteng leads to power loss and load shedding nation wide. This is a cue for China to step in with a new nuclear programme for the South Africans; so a new meltdown can be enjoyed, followed by the China Syndrome currently under-way in Japan; not mentioned by the media presstitutes.

The DA seems to be poised to take the reins, using the same key word change that Obama used in his election campaign and; funnily enough, they seem to sport a similar logo as his. Weird, or maybe just me.

The RSA is a subsidiary of the US corporation, listed on the securities exchange, and therefore requires training by AFRICOM under the thumb of the US.

Now we have the Koni scare again, Uganda is going to be having boots on the ground for another regime change. SA troops are being lead by the nose into wars in Africa.

We just saw the Kenyan comedy, with poorly paid extras and fake blood.

Do as you are told otherwise you will be invaded; is the so familiar war cry.

What seems strange to me is the recent attack on Mr Zuma when his dedicated attention to self has never wavered.

I think we are in for a regime change. Maybe the US should be; and how about sanctions on the US; instead of the rest of the world when they fail to follow orders?

Now the African continent as a whole is undergoing a new kind of invasion, a covert one.

A recent address by Obama included his fears of a nuclear attack on Manhattan, so 911 didn’t do the trick and neither did the recent nuclear cover up in the gulf, just prior to the sacking of the Generals.

Oh and the missing plane, it has a twin in Israel, maybe that is to be used for the Manhattan procedure.

We live in interesting times, stay strong.

Love is the only way forward.


Check out some details as to how to get involved in the new adventure at the following link


For the truth regarding USAFRICOM http://www.alternet.org/world/washingtons-back-future-military-policies-africa-colonialism-20

The sun order, book by Jordan Maxwell and the meaning of the sun rising over the new world order http://www.jordanmaxwell.com/whatsnew.html

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