Jan 28

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The Banks are Beginning Bail-Ins.


Do you remember Cyprus? The bank accounts were inaccessible; people were refused access to their funds. That was done as an exercise to see how clients would react to theft. Technically it’s not theft as you get a receipt for a deposit.

We have seen problems with the corrupt banking system for years, from libor rate rigging by Barclays to the Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae debacle in the US, the unlawful foreclosure of homes.

In South Africa bank charges are so exorbitant that the banks can’t fail… wrong. All banks are a private corporate cartel working in unison to rob you of your true wealth, wars have raged over centuries due to their greed. It has been an engineered war against humanity since 60/62 BCE. The theft of all wealth of all nations is about control.

Recently the private Federal Reserve system has said it will not bail out banks, so laws have been passed to allow the, obviously, failing siphoning operation to steal your money.

As bank runs have already begun, your local branch will soon have a padlock on the front door. The only option open to you now is to join the run. Your credit/debit card will not function and the ATM terminal will be experiencing technical difficulties, cash will be unavailable.

The following will occur. No water, no food, no fuel, no electricity, no accident.


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