Nov 29

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The ‘Anunnaki’ are getting a raw deal. Part one

Our history is a lie. The victor writes his story.

Mankind was created by a Goddess, she created other races too, and all life as we know it. Behind all of the gods and goddesses is a presence, an entity, an energy, the Prime Creator. Some of the other races are around us and we don’t recognise them, or even see them. We were all created naked and free from any preconceived ideas, there was no original sin. Some races matured spiritually and technologically, mankind; the humans; however did not.

The Goddess asked two advanced allied races to help humanity evolve, the Anunakene and the Karistus. They came to us to help us. They taught us agriculture and science, writing, they told us our history and helped us build. These races are the ‘gods’ the winged men and the bearded men of old.

When they left; the enemy crept out of hiding; they love the underground; darkness. The Vlash, reptilians, and the Maître, tall grey killers.

The Anunakene are returning and the Karistus have always been around; nearby, fighting for humankind against the Vlash and the Maître who are bringing in the new world order. These predators are causing ALL the pain and suffering, because they like it. They are responsible for the abductions and the missing children, the ‘satanic’ cults and crimes.

Humans used to interact with the friends from the universe, and the ancients remember this, it is in their spoken records and in pictographs and writings. The Empire is the Vlash Maître alliance, greedy, arrogant and controlling. The empire invaded all the indigenous lands and destroyed records, burnt people and killed or enslaved the rest, they eradicated most ancient knowledge. They brought in christianity/democracy by the sword, they are still doing it.

Christianity is a Vlash Maître control, as are all the religions. The Vlash built a baby Jesus, as mankind could be controlled that way. The child was murdered along with his protectors. The Anunakene asked Michael, a Karistus to substitute the child, which he did, teaching the ways of goodness, and leading the way into a world of love and setting an example. He became so popular that the Vlash decided he had to be killed, and he was crucified, whilst he was hanging helplessly, the Vlash and Karistus fought overhead, Michael said “Fathers, why have you forsaken me? He also said “Fathers forgive them not for they know what they do”

Michael was taken down from the cross and the Karistus managed to save his life. He was taken to be healed. The Vlash saw a chance to introduce a ‘risen’ christ, upon which they based christianity.

To understand how humanity has been duped, we have to grasp what is behind a psychopath, what motivates and controls this entity? Greed, plain and simple. They want it all for themselves; even their own hybrids will be sacrificed at the altar of service to self. They are prepared to destroy this world if they cannot control it and everything on it.

People who tell us that the Anunnaki (Anunakene) are reptilian, have no idea what they are talking about. People like Michael Tellinger who say that the Anunnaki came to mine gold and used humanity as slaves are deluded or working for the empire, against indigenous peoples; usually for money. Powerful advanced races don’t need humanity as slaves, but the Vlash and Maître alliance do, as they simply want to control everything.

If we decide to support this Vlash Maître alliance in thought; word or deed, we are finishing off this world that the Goddess gave to us. Everything we need to survive and learn and develop spiritually, She gave to us, free, and all She wants in return is that we do the best by each other and our world, easy really.

Listen to the words of the Karistus, Michael, the archangel who was terribly hurt by the Vlash. Love one another, turn the other cheek, god is within, seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given. He also threw the money changers tables over in a temper, and turned water into wine, he healed and raised the dead….. We have to emulate this wonderful man, live as he lives, be guided by him. Yes he still lives.

Whilst these beings are fighting a predatory alliance to save us and our world, we sit in church preying to the enemy, drinking their cool aid and eating their poisons, watching their lies and programming, doing as we are told.

Never deny the Goddess. Give gratitude to the ones who fight for you and your children. Get rid of Jehovah and YHWH, both Vlash creations, god is not a man.

It looks as if the hard work done by our allies for our benefit over thousands of years, has been for nothing, humanity is still dumb.



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  1. EEVIE

    again…thank you 🙂 truth is so awesome

    1. Bobby

      Thank you for stopping by. It is not only awesome, but essential. B.

      1. eevie

        Of course it is. 🙂 Do you feel a release from this world? Many do that i’ve spoken with online.

        1. Bobby

          We are here to work, to do the best we can with what we have for the good. The time is now. B

  2. Buck Nuck

    I have followed the histories of Karistus & Anunnake, and its made more sense than anything else I’ve ever read. It basically explains every bizarre decision made in the last few thousand years, and also explains why the monotheistic religions are so backwards, why they make such a huge effort to hide the bodies of giants in archeological record (Vatican/Smithsonian), and ignore ancient cities, or make outrageous claims like the Osireion was an ancient “Hoax”….hahaha, really, something doesn’t fit in with your made up history so people thousands of years ago decided to hoax us today??

    1. Bobby

      I think you are right. We should unlearn ALL that we have been fed over the hundreds of years, and then relearn from places of truth. That is difficult as we are still surrounded by lies. So after sorting through the remaining lies we are closer to the truth, yet this can take many lifetimes. I awake every day knowing that I know nothing and hoping that today I may learn something. That takes courage. I believe that we may then experience the beginning of wisdom.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, cheers B

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