Sep 05

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Tesselaarsdal, for folk who love freedom


There is a spot in South Africa that has not only the best of both worlds but the best of all worlds.

Tesselaarsdal is unique in many ways.

From Caledon on the N2 highway is a turning signposted Tesselaarsdal; and should you be tuning the radio you may just drive right on by; and that will be a mistake.

Overberg is an Afrikaans word meaning the other side of the mountain; in this case the Hottentots Holland range. This out of the way town is in the Overberg.


The road is rough and dusty and goes on for miles, but miles of wonder. Your eyes will be captivated by fields of barley; trees and old homesteads for the twenty minute drive. The friendly locals will wave and smile.

The small town has one shop and a liquor outlet and the rest of the time; which is plenty; you can wander and simply please yourself.


There are hiking and biking trails; and an ecosystem which overflows with flora and fauna that this idyllic spot is home to. The protected Blue Crane is one of the locals.

There are grape vines and pomegranates. A great way to see the area is on endurance horseback. Imagine what is like to lie back and only hear nature.

The mountains and hills are spectacular, rolling mists and dazzling sunshine.

You could enjoy a camping holiday or find accommodation locally and stay for a few days; or a few weeks, or you could find yourself a spot and settle in for good; and I do mean good. Get a plot of land and build a home.

The village has events such as the braai (Bar-b-cue) and everyone is invited.

One story that needs to be told, this community was bypassed by the evil apartheid era; as the original landowner (J.J.Tesselaar) was so happy in this wonderful place that in his will of 1809 he bequeathed his property the farm Haartebeesrivier and moveables to his slaves; and their descendants remain to this day. They and all the residents of Tesselaarsdal will make you feel welcome, they are wonderful friendly and sharing folk.

How do I know? It is where I go to be at peace.


Should you be interested in getting away from everything; I have some wonderful friends who have land available. Leave a comment and we can put you in touch. B


  1. Dawn Berry

    Hi Bobby

    Interested to see what land options (around 1-3ha) upto R480 000 are available in Tesselaarsdal. Please email dawn.berry8@gmail.com if anything in this bracket. Thanks

    1. Bobby

      Hi Dawn
      Yes there is something available. Email on it’s way to you. Thanks for your comment. Bobby

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