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Feb 01

For the King

Do you realise that to be considered an upstanding citizen you have to obey the law of the sea, the Holy See? All laws, statutes and regulations are based on maritime law. You are required to register, from the root; Regis, for the king, all births (berths) property; including home and car, which makes it …

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Mar 01

A state of the world address.

We know what is wrong, so how do we fix it? A quick recap. People are currently delivering letters of complaint to Prime Ministers, Presidents and members of congress. That is bound to be effective; as we have had so much success with protests; strikes and the like. These people are corporate representatives and members …

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Oct 12

A couple of local South African rants.

1) Do you use PEE in your business? Let me start closer to the beginning. There is a law in South Africa that means you have to use a certain quota to be racially/demographically correct, in other words if you employ a force of 100 people then 80 of them must be black. This law …

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