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Oct 13

Winston Churchill

Recently I received an email from a close friend who was praising the virtues of Winston Churchill, as follows. Sir Winston Churchill was once asked about his position on whisky. Here’s how he answered: “If you mean whisky, the devil’s brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys the home, …

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Aug 24

Recent News affecting South Africa.

We have seen a few articles over the past few days which directly impact the people of South Africa. Let’s face it, we don’t get the real news from our tell lie vision. However one piece did make it to the main stream news recently. There was a girl in Natal who died; a day after …

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Apr 01

Paedophilia, Satanic Ritual and Cannibalism.

This sad story involves many countries; including yours. South Africa, Spain, Portugal, China, India included. The ritual abuse of children has been rife for thousands of years, it is only now that we are being made aware of the extent of misery being caused; not only to children, although that is when it begins. The …

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Mar 13

Great the “Peacekeepers” are here!

The tanks and vehicles of the United Nations are arriving in South Africa. Spotted by a vigilant citizen rolling towards Johannesburg from Zimbabwe, see the link below. Their work in Zimbabwe is obviously complete. So what can we glean from this show? Let us take a step back for a moment, as this tit-bit needs …

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Mar 02

Fires on Table Mountain Cape Town.

Breaking News Fires started up yesterday; Sunday. Originating in Muizenburg and fanned by heavy winds they soon spread across a large area. Noordhoek Manor, a retirement home has been evacuated. According to a local source four homes in Hout Bay have been destroyed. Helicopters began water bombing the fires as soon as they received the …

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Oct 02

The REAL South African News

A country who is ignoring it’s most valuable asset; it’s people; can not flourish. Henry Ford said that the way to pay his workers was to ensure that they could afford to buy his product. Henry is gone and look at Detroit, it stopped producing; as manufacturing moved away; and now Detroit is dead and …

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Mar 27

The coming elections in South Africa

How it all ties into the new world order. The order of the sun. We are suddenly seeing a crescendo in the Zuma affair, which is tarnishing the already corroded reputation of our President. He is now answering to his party the ANC as well as the people of South Africa. Millions has been poured …

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