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Apr 27

There are Angels on my Stoep

Book Review There are Angels on my Stoep by Delene Bruwer, co authored by her son and daughter Mario Jansen and Madelie Kriel. This is a true story of a mother who with her son and daughter experience a spiritual awakening to the fact that there is more to this physical dimension that meets the …

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Feb 20

Cognitive dissonance.

This is the inability to reason beyond the limits of belief. Most people prefer to believe the lies than to suffer the loneliness and ridicule of seeking the truth. We are indoctrinated from birth; into a world that is unnatural and are assisted by parents and family to adapt to this world; this is no …

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Apr 28

So… Do I have Your Attention?

Maybe I do by now. You should be diving into the information stored on the internet, in books and other papers. You should be in a state similar to a sponge, ready to disseminate and separate fact from fiction. Your eyes should be wide and your mind hungry for knowledge; ears straining for the slightest …

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