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Sep 05

Tesselaarsdal, for folk who love freedom

There is a spot in South Africa that has not only the best of both worlds but the best of all worlds. Tesselaarsdal is unique in many ways. From Caledon on the N2 highway is a turning signposted Tesselaarsdal; and should you be tuning the radio you may just drive right on by; and that …

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Mar 01

A state of the world address.

We know what is wrong, so how do we fix it? A quick recap. People are currently delivering letters of complaint to Prime Ministers, Presidents and members of congress. That is bound to be effective; as we have had so much success with protests; strikes and the like. These people are corporate representatives and members …

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Oct 02

The REAL South African News

A country who is ignoring it’s most valuable asset; it’s people; can not flourish. Henry Ford said that the way to pay his workers was to ensure that they could afford to buy his product. Henry is gone and look at Detroit, it stopped producing; as manufacturing moved away; and now Detroit is dead and …

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