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Aug 24

Recent News affecting South Africa.

We have seen a few articles over the past few days which directly impact the people of South Africa. Let’s face it, we don’t get the real news from our tell lie vision. However one piece did make it to the main stream news recently. There was a girl in Natal who died; a day after …

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Aug 04

All of us are aware that something is amiss, something is not right.

This article is intended to help you see it; to do your own investigation. To do this properly; you will need to forget all that you have been taught. We run around living little lives; concentrating our efforts on survival; seldom seeing the big picture. We follow the ‘system’ that has been set up; unquestioning; and …

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Feb 09

Our World; The Construct.

The truth has been with-held from us, not only that but we have been deliberately lied to. We occupy a constructed reality, a very clever hologram; a dream world. The physical world is made of atoms; if all the empty space around the atoms were to be compressed; the known 3rd dimension would be the …

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Mar 19

So; what is really going on?

Don’t be overly depressed with this post. This is not meant to cheer but inform. Ukraine There has been a coup, a takeover of the people by the Empire of the IMF. This was cleverly staged and executed by consummate criminals of the Private Banking Industry. When one is able to see behind the curtain …

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Mar 06

Liberty Life

Maybe you are thinking of investing with Liberty Life…. Maybe you should reconsider.. The following is a true case study. A few facts. Liberty Life owns Stanlib Global and Standard Bank Money Market purchased in 2007; and valued at over R317billion. Stanlib is registered with the South African Securitisation Forum. Securitisation is the practice of …

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