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Mar 13

Great the “Peacekeepers” are here!

The tanks and vehicles of the United Nations are arriving in South Africa. Spotted by a vigilant citizen rolling towards Johannesburg from Zimbabwe, see the link below. Their work in Zimbabwe is obviously complete. So what can we glean from this show? Let us take a step back for a moment, as this tit-bit needs …

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Feb 23

Whistle-blower receives a visit from The Hawks.

South African author Stephen Goodson under investigation. This man has written two books exposing the corruption and fraud in the South African Reserve Bank and the South African banking system, to the tune of trillions of Rands owed to the people. Stephen Goodson is one of the good guys. So apparently telling the truth and …

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Feb 09

Democracy; another look

As many countries are off to the polls this year; I thought it appropriate to bring this information to your attention once more. The two party system; is a myth. When we register to vote we are telling the world that we allow ourselves to be governed. The votes are rigged and the candidate already …

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