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Jul 25

The good guys v the bad guys

Humanity has been easily swayed, either because of wanting to do the right thing, whatever it takes, or because they want everything for themselves here and now. So which are you? Service to self or others? Religion tells us that we are made by god and that we have a purpose. Science tells us that …

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May 16

How to take over the world.

In five easy stages. Let us suppose that you have an insatiable lust for power; for control, how would you go about world domination? .Infiltration. It would be best to place your pawns in positions of control, covertly. Elected office would be ideal; as people would assume that these enemy forces had been legitimately elected. …

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Nov 29

Government; the word means mind control.

This very clever system has been put in place to control the people; who are an asset on the balance sheet for the re-payment; through taxes; of the apparent debt owed to the international monetary system. The system tightens or loosens the flow of this money in many ways; by the prices charged for commodities; …

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Oct 31

Gun Control in South Africa

The Police are now supporting the ANC; a political party referred to as the ruling party; who are calling for stricter controls over gun legislation. I saw this coming when we had the massive; multi million rand débâcle over the Oscar Pistorious trial. This was an ideal opportunity to try to disarm the people. What …

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Oct 30

“Smart” People

The world is up in arms; and is attempting to prevent some of the “Smart” technology that has been in play in South Africa for years. Being a Vatican owned territory; using Roman/Dutch law BAR members; with a history of interaction with Brenda and the empire/commonwealth; it is to be expected. We have a branch …

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Oct 16

The Ebola Scare. A psyop!

Way back at the start of April 2014; I was saying that this is a staged event, people didn’t believe me then and maybe still don’t. I wrote again about Ebola in August and mentioned the US patent. The swine flu; bird flu and others fizzled. AIDS has been moderately successful; symptoms are engineered and …

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Apr 30

Anarchy defined.

The definition of an Anarchist is somebody who is against the Archons and the Archontic agenda. The Archons are interdimensional beings who are feeding off energy; they cannot create, only manipulate. These Archons were mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls and were spoken about by Enoch as appearing through doorways as if from another world. …

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