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May 14

The South African Elections are finished.

There are mutterings about election rigging. The ANC Youth League is unimpressed by the results, as are many South African voters. Apparently delays at the polling stations meant that many votes were not cast in time. Most folk are heavily disappointed. This reminds me of the débâcle in Florida; when supporters for Al Gore had …

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May 01

Calling All South Africans

Urgent information that affects the future. We have the elections in South Africa scheduled for the 7th May 2014. This is serious and the responsibility lies with all who are eligible to vote. Are you disillusioned with what we have seen for the past twenty years, two decades? For those of us who have given …

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Apr 04

Ebola, Recent out-break in Africa, 80 Dead.

How to protect your loved ones. Henry Kissinger “ Depopulation should be highest priority of US foreign policy towards the third world”. Read that once more, then read this also by Henry Kissinger “ The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer” Ebola is a river valley in Congo. Ebola is a …

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