Mar 01

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A state of the world address.


We know what is wrong, so how do we fix it?

A quick recap.

People are currently delivering letters of complaint to Prime Ministers, Presidents and members of congress. That is bound to be effective; as we have had so much success with protests; strikes and the like. These people are corporate representatives and members of secret societies; so loyalties are not to the people; but each other and the shareholders. They will never permit their power to be voted from them.

South African police were called to parliament recently and members were escorted from the room for demanding to be recognised; ahead of the state of the nation address. So; who is in charge when the representatives are silenced by police officers? According to sources more than seven hundred criminal charges are pending against the current President Zuma. Who; I ask; should be escorted from the building? President Zuma is a corporate CEO; doing his job; he is not a head of state. The people have been fooled into thinking he is; he was appointed by shareholders; and has no say over the people; except; his job involves writing legislation, to keep the people in line and maintain the illusion. Politicians do not represent the people; never have.

The oaths that people in public office take; mean nothing to them; so why should they mean anything to us?

The campaign promises are always broken; so they are career liars.

The taxes we pay never go to benefit any of the people; so monies are being stolen or misappropriated to fund secret projects; that are none of our business.

Wars are raging in countries who refuse to toe the corporate line; aided by vested interest politicians; private jet hopping across borders with last minute pleas for aid; and promises of support. They have to do it this way as phones are bugged. Lines are being drawn in the sand.

Any person who has the funding to be able to buy their way through life; will always get what they want; whenever and however they want it, as scum floats to the top. Anyone who has the morals of a street thug and the fortune to go with them; should never be involved in running anything.

Robber barons are using the excuse of ‘national security’ to hide the crimes.get-attachment-616-587x440

The pharmaceutical industry is peddling drugs for profit; aided by intelligence services; and fighting to keep a herb out of the shops; vaccines are making us sick and killing the children. These same clever chemists have concocted junk for release into the atmosphere; food and water.


Electronics are sending pulses into our homes; this is energy that affects our brainwaves; microwaves and wi-fi; as well as smart technology is making us easy to manipulate. There is no electricity for cooking; yet plenty to supply the GWEN towers; underground bases and weapons factories.

We ordinary folk are being classed as terrorists; spied on; strip searched; electrocuted, beaten, robbed by highwaymen and subjected to indefinite detention for anything from selling lemonade; and looking at a policeman sideways; to feeding the hungry or some stray cats.

New laws are being dreamed up as soon as other control loopholes are discovered; if we are not breaking the law now, we soon shall be.

Weapons are being stockpiled in preparation for world war three; just as happened before the other two. Different factions of the crime syndicates are blackmailing each other with advanced weaponry. Chess-pieces are being moved across the board.

Travel is encouraged and soldiers are sent to foreign lands so that loyalties to home become blurred.

Double standards are played with military; kill when we tell you to; not at any other time or we shall kill you for it. Brave, young; strong but misguided; brainwashed fools are being sacrificed; they should be at home; not killing foreign children but defending their own. Following orders; my ass; paid mercenaries is all, different factions fighting each other for the same invading warlords.

Churches; schools and welfare organisations are being charged with crimes of paedophilia and sacrifice; involving very famous names; and appear to have the complete support of police and the judiciary.

Our ecosystem is damaged almost beyond repair; toxins are leaking from every pore of this planet.

Galactically the human race has a really filthy reputation; it is safe to assume. An aggressive race who is morally corrupt and kills it’s own kind. We are witnessing the insane war on Terra.

The press is banging on about the British elections in early May; will it be a UKIP win or will we be stuck once more with the Tories?

In the last one hundred years governments have slaughtered 200 million of their own citizens; and we still vote? We are accused of apathy if we don’t vote; they need our consent, and lacking national pride if we don’t fight in their wars of aggression; in a knee-jerk response to their badly executed false flags.

So; we have attained the pinnacle of human development where the people in charge are liars, cheats, thieves, war mongers, drug pushers and common criminals and to remain at the height of their coke induced; satanic euphoria; will do anything to maintain those lofty realms. Yes, anything. Well; they won’t personally; they send patsies or mind controlled slaves with a back up sniper and a radio guy waiting in the wings; using a different channel.

We will soon be advised that a new world order is the only solution to our problems; and their new god will be installed as global king, then it will be too late. These leaders of ours are of the belief that to build; one must first destroy; and we are witnessing the destruction; first hand. Our home is being invaded by extremely dangerous psychopaths.

corporate law enforcement

Any of us who cannot see this; need help.

All hope is lost? No, not quite yet; but almost.

Most of the apathy that we feel is being fed to us from the controllers; because we need to work and service their needs; this is not who we are; we are becoming what they want us to be. We gobble up the programming from the controlled media and run around earning a living; so we can pay off our debt. After work we watch sport; which is a simulated battle, and drink their kool aid; interspersed with trips to the shops. They have de-clawed the lion; we are cowards.

Some ideas…. feel free to jump in any-time.

We stop falling for this junk.

dragons can be beaten

We need a mindset adjustment.

We research the words ‘public’ and ‘servant’ as well as ‘Stockholm syndrome’

When we are offered employment we must not hear the payout clatter of a casino one armed bandit; but ask how it benefits us all.

We pay all public servants minimum wage. With those savings we can house the homeless; empty homes will be seized.

A public servant works for the people; so they do what we say, we act responsibly as their employer setting an example. They don’t tell us what to do.

We monitor all that they do; any sign of corruption or favours for buddies; they are out. That includes anyone personally appointed by god.

All appointments will be made by a panel of elders; who will represent the people in all matters; the elders will make themselves available to serve and will be chosen by the people. The elders will hold positions of respect; not authority.

The bank accounts of ALL existing servants will be frozen and checked for flaws.

The revolving door policy of corporation hopping will be outlawed.

All men and women will be held personally accountable; to the people; for their actions.

No single individual will be permitted to alone decide the fate of others. None shall have authority over another and none shall speak for another.

Never again will we permit interest to be either a carrot or a stick; usury will be a crime as it causes loss.

Banks will be run by the public servants and tokens will be printed by the treasury. No head will be stamped on these tokens.

All crime will be judged by the people; if a law is unpopular it will be discarded.

Taxes will be gathered at the ports and nowhere else.

Corporate acts and statutes will be abolished. Foreign corporations will be evicted relinquishing their assets.

The words registration; licence and permit will never be used again.

The British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands and other havens will become instantly wealthy.


People will not be paid anything for doing nothing; useless third parties will be removed from private transactions.

The wealth of the nation will be managed by the public servants for all the people.

International debt will be written off.

Artefacts and treasures will be returned to the lands of origin for study.

Meters will be removed from all supply.

‘Government land’ will be occupied by the people for their personal use and benefit; all of it.

Children will be taught by the elders and nothing will be withheld from the pool of knowledge to which all will have free access. The true history and science will be told. No secrets anymore, we are not stupid and can handle the truth.


Alien inhabitants will make their presence known and interaction will be welcomed. If you are peaceful you can stay. If you are aggressive you will leave; we know you can. Go and piss someone else off.


Weapons will be held for defence only; by people with honour. Drones will be shot down.

Traitors will be held to account by the people whom they have betrayed.

Underground bases will be opened for inspection. All places of satanic worship and sacrifice will be destroyed.

Lands will be ring fenced by the defenders; who will be given land at the borders; and weapons of defence; no bribery will be tolerated.

The land; air and water will be cleansed; rivers will flow. Trees will be planted.

All wildlife will be treated with the same new respect shown to the people.

Maybe you have other ideas; I welcome them. Maybe; naively; I have a dream.


We can achieve this now; together; with integrity; or we can kiss this earth goodbye.

We had better decide quickly for this is the hour. The time is now. No saviour is coming; we are the saviours and we have been napping. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant and take back our world.

Or sign the effing petition; so they know who you are and can drag you out of bed at 3am.



  1. Laura Legere

    The Common Law Grand Jury box trumps the ballot box. Join NationalLibertyAlliance.org and become a Common Law Grand Jurist (aka We the People). All 50 states have been re-constituted since August 2014 for their Common Law Grand Juries. The Common Law Grand Jury/We the People is the fourth level of government and sits at the top, above the supreme court. Common Law Grand Juries can take back the corrupt courts, get rid of agenda 21, smart meters, endless wars, criminal politicians, the department of education, common core, fake corrupt corporate governments and restore the original Constitution. Join our Monday night conference calls 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST and become active in the solution. It is the duty of the Grand Jury, if anyone’s unalienable rights have been violated, or removed, without a legal sentence of their peers, from their lands, home, liberties or lawful right, we (the twenty-five) shall straightway restore them. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter it shall be settled according to the judgment of the twenty-five Grand Jurors, the sureties of the peace.

    National Liberty Alliance has joined the Constitutional Sheriffs, the Oath Keepers and the Militias to restore the Republic of America. We have been bombing the court-houses across the country with Common Law Constitutional documents revealing the corruption in the courts.

    “1 Million Signatures Needed for National Campaign Against Tyrants”

    1. Bobby

      Hi Laura
      Thanks for the comment. I like your point about the demand; as petitions never work; they merely get filed.
      I look forward to witnessing the rebirth of the Republics worldwide. Cheers

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