Mar 19

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So; what is really going on?

Don’t be overly depressed with this post. This is not meant to cheer but inform.


There has been a coup, a takeover of the people by the Empire of the IMF.

This was cleverly staged and executed by consummate criminals of the Private Banking Industry.

When one is able to see behind the curtain of the presstitutes; all attempts at secrecy are visible to all.

Austerity is now on the cards, as the IMF, more commonly known as the institute of mother ……., charges for every breath it takes, this is a corporate takeover by another fascist entity.

Every false flag reveals the truth and the subsequent cover ups become almost farcical in their clumsy and amateur execution, if it wasn’t so poignant.

The people are being pulled hither and thither by loyalty and patriotism to their land and each other whilst losing the right to self rule and self determination by a bear and an eagle clawing at the scraps. Having said that Russia; or the cabal that runs Russia; has every right to get twitchy about the EU, US corporate elite invading it’s backyard. Now there is a slanging match going on of sanction threats and freezing of accounts etc.

South Africa


Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) in the Karoo Basin. This is an area of 7.5m2 acres (seven point five million square acres) or 30.327 approx. km 2. The shale deposits date back 120m years.

Fracking is a pet peeve of mine and when I think how these mega corps rape the land and destroy the infrastructure of every country that they invade I get mad.

Falcon Oil and Gas have been drilling the planet for profit for a short time. The board of Directors is made up of big names drawn from the financial and oil industry. These men are working for a Canadian company based in Northern Ireland.

As a result of protesters venting their spleens; a moratorium was placed over the topic, due to it not being published in the government gazette, it had to be removed in 2012. There is a co-operation agreement with Chevron as to how the spoils will be divided. Either way the people lose and the corporations win, at the expense of the earth and her finite resources. Water will be poisoned, deep down into the clean Karoo aquifer and there will be lasting damage to the region. There are no benefits to man, just a steady release of toxins into the clean Karoo air, no more will the smell of braai smoke and the sound of sheep fill the warm summer evenings. There will be the smell of death and methane. This is to get everybody off the land and into the cities for easy control.

Well at least the government gets a cut.


Have you noticed the globalist trend? The wealthy get richer and the poorest and middle classes get less every day.

There is a systematic take down of all wealth, a transfer to the deep pockets of the private banks, they get bailed out and bonussed and the people get screwed. This was the intention all along, the assets are almost entirely in the hands of the wealthy few and the liabilities being steam rolled along with the people of earth. Pensions and benefits are stolen and the homes are taken along with the savings. Men and women will have nothing, no food, no water and no roof.

A great scam. Isn’t it time to stop feeding this beast, this fascist demon, this greedy self indulgent vacuum? Yep; I reckon.


Cape Town has been privy to amazing light shows and according to the Alien Races Book, available on the net for download, these craft, orange/red orbs, belong to the Airk Race who are not aggressive, but shy and mostly nocturnal. They come from Ophiuchus near Yed Prior. They are showing off, I have personally witnessed this display in the company of others.

Thanks to Dante Santori for the Alien Races Book, still available from Veterans Today, although his utube channel has been taken down…. again, he must be giving away some secrets then.

For further study please see some interesting links below.

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Secret Space War http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/tag/aliens/ and with thanks to Veterans Today http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/12/22/secret-space-war-xii-marduk-is-crowned-in-africa/

Knowledge is power


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