Oct 30

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“Smart” People


The world is up in arms; and is attempting to prevent some of the “Smart” technology that has been in play in South Africa for years.

Being a Vatican owned territory; using Roman/Dutch law BAR members; with a history of interaction with Brenda and the empire/commonwealth; it is to be expected.

We have a branch of the Federal Reserve firmly ensconced; and branches of Barclays and others with the syphoning operation; running in overdrive; we wait with bated breath for the latest verdict by Moody’s. The usual suspects run the stock exchange.

We have G4S moving our cash around.


The US trains our troops; so yeah; we are a part of it all; but does anyone realise just how much?

We were told; way back in the nineties; that to pay the lowest price for electricity, the local municipalities had to purchase from ESCOM; the monopoly provider/source for power; at the optimum rate; cutting out the municipalities was not an option. This entailed having a little box installed in every home and business; that allowed a trickle through at peak times; there was a fine if you refused the offer.

The powers; pardon the pun; that be; then told us that we would have to pre pay for electricity; this was because some people were not paying their bills; so the rest of us have to suffer.

The latest news is that as ESCOM is almost broke; we will have to have “Smart” meters installed so that electricity can be supplied at the cheapest price; that was what the last ones were supposed to do.

How can an expensive monopoly be broke? Especially as the president of the US corporation has promised billions to help us; he meant help the shareholders by the way. And how can paying millions for a new system; again; be cost effective? Oh yes we do have rolling blackouts; rolling blackmail to be more accurate.

We just had a deal with Russia for nuclear power; there was a mix up and now we are dealing with France… OK.

We also have water restrictions when the need arises; in spite of all the flooding.

We have “Smart” shopper cards; the implication being that if you don’t subscribe to these; you are simply dumb. These are not yet mandatory.

The “Book of Life” was introduced to enable easy; quick identification; this contained a driving license; a marriage certificate; a firearm licence as well as any divorce information, all together in a green book that was registered with the identity number of the victim. The break down of the number indicates the birth date and racial group. This identity document had to be updated as officials were losing the data, and without the prescribed form of ID; it is impossible to have a bank account, without this ID it is impossible to collect a parcel from the post office; no; drivers licence or passport will not suffice.

Speaking of bank accounts; to open a new one; or even to draw a statement; people have to be in possession of the current; accepted ID; and be prepared to give all information as to current address; copy of utility bill or some such; and give fingerprints; photo (facial recognition)

To use the bank card which is chipped; you must also have a pin and sign the till slip, and if you need a state grant; voice recognition too.

Please sign up for Face-book; it makes their job so much easier.

The most recent demands by our Fuhrer are; we all need a “Smart” ID card; so they must be losing data again.

We have been known as our number for many years. All these things cost a lot of course.

We all have a separate drivers licence card; with fingerprints and a photo; this is renewed every five years; no competency tests needed; this is obvious from our road accident statistics.

Passports now need a fingerprint as well as a photo. Photos for official documents must show the ears; and don’t smile!

Anybody need a phone? For prepaid or contract you need the ID; not the old one; proof of residence; so how do the homeless manage? Otherwise no “Smart” phone for you.

We have wifi towers disguised badly as trees.


We invite our cousins from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to come and visit us, you will feel right at home.

Don’t get me started on e toll roads, hydraulic fracturing or compulsory mercury light bulbs and vaccinations, there will be time for those subjects later.

I don’t think I have missed anything, if I have please let me know; as I am not that “smart”


To find out how things really work, go to this link http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/THE-GREAT-AMERICAN-ADVENTURE.pdf

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