Feb 13

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Secrecy; The words of John F. Kennedy


The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society: and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies; to secret oaths and to secret proceedings” John Fitzgerald Kennedy. (Link to the full speech below)

It is no small wonder that this good man had to go.

This piece is not about JFK; it is about that hidden world about which he warned us.

John Kennedy is one of the most well known conspiracy theorists, except to him it was simply a fact.

In the first link below you can hear him speak of the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that he was a witness to. He warned the press to let the people know facts; about which they could make informed decisions.


He speaks of the need for national security; however when the need for secrecy becomes so all encompassing; there are no more nations. The secret clubs cross all boundaries; and the loyalties are to other members of the club; not to any nation but to globalisation or internationalism. Therefore national secrets are passed across all national borders to benefit the agenda of the club members.

In June 1963 President Kennedy signed executive order 11110 which brought $4.3 billion dollars into circulation via the US Treasury; backed by silver; five months later he was shot like a dog. By 1968 all that paper had been withdrawn from circulation. Obviously some club members were affected by his actions; although money was not nearly the whole story.

George Bush was complaining about conspiracy theories regarding terrorists. Yet he covered the truth.

President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex. What was done?

People who are left with no facts have only one recourse; to come up with their own theories; which involve the very apparent conspiracy; which stems from the secret societies who have a vested interest in the control of humanity.

We have been told that we have no need to know; that we are not cleared for the information. Should this information be none of our business; then whose business is it? It seems as if we have no vested interest in the future for our children and this world..


We do need to know; and we have every right to know. The press has a duty to inform us; and in the absence of honest media; we will find out for ourselves.

We are supposed to trust governments; who are liars, without question; when most are members of secret societies; who have no loyalty towards us, and they tell us that there are issues of national security; when they are the ones with diplomatic immunity and exemptions from prosecution. These traitors are dealing in secrets; drugs; money laundering and murder across all national boundaries. It is no wonder that they refuse to come clean.

Our privacy has been taken by snoops; our security is removed by thugs; every vestige of our life is laid bare for them to scrutinise. These people operate in secret and have something to hide.

Ladies and gentlemen these entities are not our representatives; they represent the fraternities of which they are a part; servicing their own selfish; and sometimes sick interests; which often involve ceremonies with young children and animals.

It is not our right to demand answers; it is our duty.

These people should be subject to the same laws that they invent to impose on humanity; the bad guys should be hauled before a jury; and the sentences handed down should be no less harsh than the ones we are given.

John Kennedy was murdered whilst trying to warn all of us; not just the American people; now more than half a century later; should we not once more listen to his words.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs JFK

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAeRSWmYH1M Secret Societies.

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