Oct 02

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The REAL South African News

A country who is ignoring it’s most valuable asset; it’s people; can not flourish.

dragons can be beaten

Henry Ford said that the way to pay his workers was to ensure that they could afford to buy his product.

Henry is gone and look at Detroit, it stopped producing; as manufacturing moved away; and now Detroit is dead and bankrupt, those empty factories and idle workers should be fixed; so that they once again produce a tangible product; that the workers can afford to buy. Tractors for farming; bicycles; wheelbarrows anything useful, to get the economy going.

The way an economy grows is if it produces something and cuts out the greedy bankers who want a slice of everything that everybody does; and give the people; once more; pride in their nation as a united people.

We listened to the rhetoric in 1994, that South Africans shall be free, but what happened?

They became even more enslaved in a corrupt system that suppresses originality; inventiveness and creativity. They are learning all the bad things from world class teachers.

South Africa has continued as yet another finance based system; subservient to the monetary gods, ruled by the reserve system which has no reserves.

People no longer work to invent; they play the stock market; they invest in schemes to get richer by doing nothing. We sit enthralled by financial advisers, who are serving up nothing; backed by nothing; and we decide that is where our hard earned money must go; for the best returns and highest yields.

If you spend your time doing nothing; you should at least have a home and food; that is the basic right of all people; but if you grow fat due to the suffering of others; you deserve nothing more. Do no harm and cause no loss; that is the law.

We look around and see strong; healthy; intelligent youth; clicking away on the latest phone; forgetting the art of conversation; not ever learning how to read unless it is in phone speak.

South Africa has millions of hectares of land; yet it has homeless and disillusioned people; who are becoming more resentful by the day. In 1994 the Transkei was slid across the table into the hands of government. Freedom?

Give the South Africans some “government” land and let them be creative once more; it is theirs after all is said and done. Animals are fenced off and restricted…. so are people.

There are murmurs that land shall be taken from white people and given to black people. How will that help the situation? How does that address inequality? it simply fuels it. I seem to remember someone saying that there is no more racism in South Africa.

The white people are not the enemy; the controllers are; the black people are not the enemy; never were. All these people are South Africans.

When everything you do with your time goes into survival; that is slavery.

Nobody should have to beg or dig through rubbish; we should all be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it; in a country rich with diamonds and gold…. disgusting. We spend our time converting natural commodities into disposable waste; which destroys the world.

The government is dealing with mega corporations regarding gas and oil; all on the land and in the sea, will that help the homeless and the disillusioned? No; it all goes into the bulging pockets of the grotesquely wealthy, the same as with the diamonds, gold and platinum; and the copper and coal.

I am not complaining about the government, I am however complaining about the obscenely rich who always seem to be able to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Time to stop.


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