Sep 05

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Protesting Tyranny

When the whole world protests, something is seriously wrong.

The people are waking up to the truth.cameronparliament_1641111c

From childhood we have learnt to accept that people in positions of authority; understand the big picture and are placed in charge so that the very best for the people; who are busy living highly significant lives; can be left to do their job. It all goes wrong because we believe this lie.

Over the recent years we have been witnessing demonstrations and protests aimed at the very heart of our society, so what is going on really?

Perhaps if we take a closer look at governance. It appears to be; for the most part anyway; a bloated, overpaid and overstocked bunch of self important men and women, who are where they are merely because they are career politicians, a good actor, or even a bad one could do the job.

Let us look beneath the coat of veneer of fancy suits and cars and homes and expense accounts, which vary only slightly from country to country.

The people “elect” somebody to represent them and send them off, believing the promises and falling for the lies. We would not buy a car from such a person, so why send them to represent us?

The governments are only reporting back to the people; mostly with half truths, to keep the illusion alive, this is why we watch the news, for a really good laugh, sport and the weather. News is designed to keep us pre-occupied with the big Roman Circus.

We hear nothing about all the wars being waged against people who are just like us; people who want peace and a place to live and raise a family; no matter what their colour or faith.

We hear nothing of the poisons being forced on babies in vaccines, nothing about old folk being euthanised, crops destroyed and animals slaughtered.

We don’t hear about our brave, but misguided soldiers with PTSD and missing limbs. We don’t hear about radiation spewing from broken nuclear power plants. We never hear about the dentists who fill our teeth with toxic mercury and our doctors who give us Squalene laced flu shots designed to kill us….. oh no, we need to hear about Justin Bieber holding hands in public.

Government means mind control, and that is what these people practise, they do not represent us and never have, they represent shareholders and the bosses, not the people. Governments are selected. They are chosen by money and work for money which gives them control.

We go off to our jobs to pay the taxes that keeps the world turning.

Well; no it doesn’t.

Somewhere there is a big ledger and in that book we are all a number. The government has borrowed money and we have to pay their bill, their salaries are paid by the bosses, bankers.

It is futile to protest or march or send letters to the representative that you think you voted for.

Money = power = control, shortage = dependency = control. We are running low on land, water, food, housing, and we are told it is all our fault….. could it maybe be our fault because we allowed a gang of thugs to push us around?

Stop filling in their application forms and applying for registration which is all an offer to contract with these corporations, refuse their contracts and don’t pay them until they can present you with a bill for services rendered, which they can never do as they are not in the business of service delivery.

The planet is run by tyranny, the people know this and that is why they are angry. The government has been chosen to keep the people in line, not to fix the roads or build hospitals.

This is why most “leaders” are perplexed by the protests; as they are doing exactly what they are told to do by the bosses who pay them, don’t confuse government with democracy; it is tyranny, and they are doing a great job and deserve the pay cheque, they would not sell their souls for less.libya under tyranny

For centuries democracy has been bombed into free countries, at the cost of the freedom it verbally supports. The empire has clawed the assets from the people and left them destitute and countries in ruins.

Have you seen the way the police are dressed? Have you seen what they do? When last did you try to get justice? The police enforce corporate policy, which is to keep the bosses safe and you in line.government

The solution is to stop falling for this and stop interacting with it, see it for what it all is…..

A scam.


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