Feb 16

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Some pictures for you to think about.


This time I am telling you and showing you pictures. However I am not telling you so that you can pass exams, I am telling you so you can choose.

It is time that we all start to re-consider everything that we know.

Our indoctrination prohibits us from having an open mind, there are things that we know; because we have been told.

This is our biggest problem.

Some points to consider.

The earth is a globe. How do we know? Because NASA told us and showed us pictures.

We are descended from apes. How do we know? Because our scientists told us and showed us pictures.

History is a linear series of events. How do we know? Because the historians told us and showed us pictures.

I have the following pictures to show you; which should change your view of things. Hopefully we will all stop believing what we are told; start thinking for ourselves; so that we can all make informed decisions. We are only able to make choices when we have the facts.

How old is Stonehenge? Two or three thousand years?

These pictures were taken in 1954




If they can lie about this; what else do we need to know; and what is the truth?

There are one hundred and eight pictures at this link

http://www.amazfacts.com/2013/01/stonehenge-construction-in-1954-108-pics.html pictures taken prior to 1950 have been faked.



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  1. Marianne van Heerden

    Maybe they were re-constructing what was there? I can’t think of a reason they would want to lie about the stones. Were did the pics come from?

    1. Bobby

      Hi Marianne
      There has always been controversy regarding Stonehenge; and some repair work has been carried out; yet the monument was never mentioned on the domesday book which listed all the properties in England, almost a thousand years ago. There are some links that you could look at. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf119qOXQaA and http://www.thebasesproject.org/2014/09/stonehenge-being-built-1954.html Thanks for your comments.

  2. giftoftruth

    Are you telling us stonehenge was constructed in 1954? in peace

    1. Bobby

      Hi Gift of Truth. Thanks for your comment. I am saying that we should look more closely at everything we are told. Stonehenge is situated on Salisbury Plain; which is used for military exercises; and is very bleak. It would be simple to construct something way back in the fifties; out of sight; the roads are often closed and so is the monument. The pictures speak for themselves I feel. As usual you decide. Check here for more pictures http://www.thebasesproject.org/2014/09/stonehenge-being-built-1954.html Cheers Bobby

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