Nov 25

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Loadshedding/Rolling Blackouts in South Africa

nuclear power

Prominently displayed on the ESKOM website is the following statement and I quote

At the heart of an electricity utility such as Eskom is the responsibility for supplying the electricity on which modern society depends.

Eskom’s power stations operate 365 days a year. Like most other power utilities Eskom’s Generation Group maintains a varied portfolio of plant: gas turbine, hydroelectric, pumped storage and nuclear units in addition to the coal fired plant”.

In 2002 Eskom was converted into a public limited liability company wholly owned by government. However it’s associate list makes interesting reading, amongst these are; American Wind Energy Association; G20 Advisory Group; Reliable and Sustainable Power Grids; The World Economic Forum; and many more.

On the ESKOM website is a supply status per week; which reflects up to and including week 46; we are now into week 48.

To be completely fair there is a message saying that today ( Monday 24/11) there may be loadshedding between five and ten pm, but no schedule.

This corporation says that it supplies 95% of the electricity for South Africa and 45% of the electricity for Africa. ESKOM directly supplies 45% of the end users in SA and 55% is supplied to re-distributors including municipalities; for a nice profit margin no doubt.

We are mostly prepaid subscribers to this “Government” body; and an example of the local “supply” has had an approximate three hour break within a two day period.

Go to the Cape Town official website and there is a large red sign saying “Loadshedding suspended until further notice”

There is no current schedule for loadshedding anywhere; so we have to ask ourselves. Why is this happening to a small area in South Africa; when electricity has been paid for in advance; and they tell us that they supply huge swathes of Africa?


Considering the remarkable CV that this Multinational Corporation has to it’s credit, the website should provide some up to the minute information regarding the break in service. Perhaps an affiliate could take over the web-mastery.

There is usually an announcement on the TV News warning of breaks in services; but of course customers need electricity to view these warnings.

There is interesting research into free energy; the culmination of which would free customers from the cuts in supply; but would not allow the bonuses to be paid to executives. Some people in South Africa have become so self sufficient that they can disconnect completely from the grid; but have been prevented from doing so. The straddling giants associated with the grid are unsightly and are fast becoming obsolete.

We have recently been subjected to exciting antics regarding who will help South Africa with it’s nuclear power needs; and President Zuma had decided to go with Russia; then it was decided to go with France, who knows. We do know that the nuclear loop has been closed; so there is no excuse for spent fuel contamination.

So another question for you, are we being played; or is this another indication of gross mismanagement by yet another; top heavy; corporate body which enjoys limited liability; whilst the customer has to make do?

Perhaps instead of requesting a schedule of service interruption we should ask when the service will be available.

Obviously candle and gas sales will increase; and these times do generate the evening braaivleis; so stock up on matches; wood and meat.

Me; I should like very much to meet the guy who throws the switch.

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