Feb 09

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Humanity; the Split.

get-attachment-614-587x405As we become increasingly more connected; and aware of the real news; mainly due to the internet; we have to have noticed that humanity is divided into two very distinct groups, in fact it is difficult not to notice.

Some years ago we may have been aware that life was simply not fair. The poor were battling for survival; for food and shelter; and those very people appeared to to be in the path of a war which just happened to be in their neighbourhood.

Life was harder for some than others; but that was life.

Entire countries seemed to attract all the bad luck at the same time. A high crime rate and disease; both due to poverty and an overriding need for assistance from some developed nation. Restructuring would be required to introduce true democracy and obviously all this cost a lot; but heh; this was for the best.

Civil unrest followed; as the democracy plans were not in line with the wishes of the people; so the military had to become involved naturally; otherwise there would be anarchy. Sound familiar?

It should; it is an ongoing agenda. It has been so successful in the past that it continues; without much imagination or any change to the old familiar plot. Countries; regions and then continents, all manipulated by money.

So internationally we have people who are unemployed; homeless; sick; hungry and resentful.

That’s okay though; as it is happening around the other side of the world; and we can still afford a vacation; college for the kids; and take out pizza. We have noticed that vacations are a problem as we are groped and harassed, college comes with a massive price tag and pizza has shot up in price too.

I am not bashing the wealthy; that is just as much a part of life as poverty; fortunes come and go.

However; it is worth mentioning that eighty individuals own as much wealth as the poorest three and a half billion; just saying.

This is the split.

Forget the race; religion; age and gender; the rich and poor.


The split is very cleanly cutting humanity down the middle as with a sharp blade.

The rulers and the ruled.

The manipulators and the manipulated.

The controllers and the controlled.

Perhaps the controlled can more easily see the deception; the intentional pain brought upon decent folk; because they have grown out of the misery; without the suffering the picture may be cloudy; these people see what is happening around the world. The folk who enjoy the vacation may soon find the military in their own street; and because the scenario is unfamiliar to them; be unable to cope.

I am saying that the protesters and activists can see what is happening; that there is a very real division between the men and women who recognise the moral terminator that precludes them from participating in a push for control of our world; because they believe in freedom, and the system perpetrating that push; because they believe in control.

What happens to these protesters; who exercise their right to complain at the unfairness of it all?

They are maced and pepper-sprayed; attacked; kidnapped; demonised; sent for medical evaluations; shot; jailed; and terminated with prejudice.

It appears that bitching about something is a crime.

Pizza anyone? The soapie should be on soon.


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