Apr 16

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A Horse called Moses. By Helen Ottley

Book Review.

A horse called Moses Front Cover

This is a book that gives large portions of the author’s life in detail, it is her story of highlighted moments that triggered an awakening to truth.

A Horse called Moses is written from a subjective, first person viewpoint; with some highly personal experiences woven throughout.

This is a part autobiography and part philosophy and Helen has a voice. She offers the reader insight into an often unseen world and although sometimes emotionally charged; does give advise and with it hope for a greater grasp of the world as she sees it.

The book is a must read for men and women looking for answers in an everyday life of toil. It covers unusual subjects which have been thoroughly researched and offers sound advise.

A Horse Called Moses encourages a questioning spirit in an ever increasing information charged yet knowledge starved society.

The author ends the book with a challenge and some surprising quotations.

There is something for everyone included in this book.

Sources are provided and recommended reading for further study is included.

Whilst we may question some of her ideas; it certainly gives food for thought and well worth the read.


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  1. Claire Brandon

    You need to let us know where to get the book.

  2. Claire Brandon

    0k. i see now, you have to click on books to buy a copy 🙂

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