Oct 31

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Gun Control in South Africa

corporate law enforcement

The Police are now supporting the ANC; a political party referred to as the ruling party; who are calling for stricter controls over gun legislation.

I saw this coming when we had the massive; multi million rand débâcle over the Oscar Pistorious trial. This was an ideal opportunity to try to disarm the people. What time has elapsed since the Oscar sentencing? A week? Apparently he shot; ‘an intruder’ through the bathroom door four times; it turned out to be his partner. So now South Africa must be disarmed; all except for the military; police and the criminals; the latter often enjoy wild west type battles on the streets of this great country.

The same is going on in the US; where more arms are issued to the police state and weapons are removed from the people. This stance drives up the money earned by the black market and makes the people more easily controlled. This was another reason for the crazed loan gunmen wandering around the US; all staged events to enable the whips to be cracked over the heads of the people.

I urge you to consider the following statement made by Adolph Hitler; who was a Rothschild by the way; “To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens”

Do you suppose that criminals bearing arms will even consider gun control legislation?

The only people that are bearing arms are the people who have the right to self defence; not merely the right; but the duty.

We are all units of stock on a balance sheet; collateral; which is where the phrase collateral damage comes from. We are considered the enemy combatant by our “Governments” there are many clues as to this reality.

We have to wear a safety belt to protect their investment.

They have the right to seize our property; as slaves we don’t own any.

They own our homes; our cars; even our children.

Warrant-less searches and seizure of property; they can because it belongs to them.

According to their mind set we have one right; the right to do as we are ordered by our handlers. And fund everything of course.

I leave you with one more quotation from Ayn Rand “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion; when the government can do anything it pleases; and the citizens can act only by permission”

OK; I am now going to leave you to do some research of your own.

You have been warned!


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