Mar 13

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Great the “Peacekeepers” are here!

un logo

The tanks and vehicles of the United Nations are arriving in South Africa.

Spotted by a vigilant citizen rolling towards Johannesburg from Zimbabwe, see the link below.

Their work in Zimbabwe is obviously complete.

So what can we glean from this show?

Let us take a step back for a moment, as this tit-bit needs a back-story.

They create the crisis and then appear with the solution; as if by magic!


The United Nations is the World Government, they are the people responsible for the fascism and tyranny running rampant around the planet. The sustainable development plan that has been forced on us is Agenda 21, or the control of every facet of the lives of us all; and is the reason that we see the pretty blue hats wherever there is trouble. The aim is to compress the population into the cities and off the land; which they want for themselves. The price of oil is a major part of this control and concentrates the masses in dense areas for easy control, the chipped; pinned; water and food-less goyim.

For the past few years Africa has again experienced the might of the empire. The same empire that brought us the Boer War, so that women could be raped, concentration camps set up; and the farms and livestock of the inhabitants destroyed. All this was done so that they could get their hands on the diamonds, gold and other assets of the subjugated South African people.

Our troops have recently been “trained” by USAFRICOM and they went on manoeuvres and had friendly bar-b-cues.

The empire is comprised of factions; employed by itself to fight itself, and we get involved, WHY?

Now our children have to learn another anthem; the African Union one. When they have only recently learned the words to n kosi sikelele..

Our President is being charged with fraud and corruption, our parliament breaks up in disorder. Crime is rampant. Just the other day two men robbed a reporter and his crew at gunpoint on national television and the clip went viral worldwide. There is a syndicate running an ATM bombing exercise; all caught on CCTV. These men know the right units to target; the ones that do not use blue dye; but will yield around two hundred thousand rand. The ATM’s will be removed and access to money will be restricted. The criminals are being played so that a solution can be found to solve the civil unrest problems; due to corruption…. the agenda is the same world wide.

The black people here are still disenfranchised despite being “in control” since 1994; and there being a black economic empowerment law which now disenfranchises the white people. This is not about colour!

Our police are militarised, with colonels and such like; and many have been found to be bigger crooks than the rest of us put together. Not all however; many deserve our respect and are just ordinary folk like us.

South Africa is a member of the UN in good standing, in other words it pays it’s membership fees on time; protection money. Yet there are homeless, starving poor who still forage through rubbish tips for food and scavenge the wheely bins on collection day; starting at five in the morning to get the goodies. People beg at the traffic lights. The senior pension is now R1410pm or around $140, £82.


We have been lied to about Ebola and read posters telling us that it is real, we are concerned for our friends in Nigeria who have managed recently to almost wipe out the US funded Boko Haram.

ebola patent

South Africa now has an energy crisis; due apparently to mismanagement; and all government departments are suffering from corruption; theft and fraud and are no longer fit for purpose.

All this stuff is being cleverly stage managed by the empire, and if we cannot see it; we deserve it and all the misery that comes with it.

We are being played, manipulated, used, abused and this goes for the parliament, the President and his cabinet; all the political parties are run by the same empire.


What do we do?

We stop fighting each other; and see who the enemy is; certainly not each other.

We stop supporting the UN and give our wealth to each other; we share the land and all that it has to offer.

We bravely become the solution and stop being a major part of the problem, stop listening to the propaganda and listen to each other. Stop working with the enemy, do not give him an opportunity to come here and play his games on our turf.

He will have Africa, even if he takes it by force, see Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya; all inflicted with empirical democracy. North Africa is gone, West Africa is being taken, the CDC is a military organisation; and Southern Africa is next. Look what happens to the leaders who question the agenda, Jacob Zuma is not the enemy. Stop signing petitions asking compromised governments to do their job; they can’t and it does no good at all, even making demands will not change the agenda. They are being blackmailed and threatened. Voting will not help either; it is all a set-up.


Understand that the pieces of paper that we have allowed to become such a large part of our lives is counterfeit currency; printed by criminals to enslave us all; provided to us in exchange for the real assets.

See the value of friendship, understanding for each other and mutual respect.


Alternatively stock pile our weapons; gather our ammunition, get our property fenced with a few large dogs and plenty of canned and dried food. Tell our loved ones again how much we love them; kiss our children and once more take to the hills with our SUV’s and horses. Boer War 2 is coming. The last one was a prelude to the Great War, this is the prelude to world war 3.






  1. zaffkir

    Great article Bobby. Problem is most are comfortable keeping their heads buried in the sand – until a military boot comes crashing down on their behinds of course

    1. Bobby

      Thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right of course. It will never happen to us, not here. They were saying that in Germany, Vietnam, and all the South American countries and now Africa….. Nice to see some heads are starting to show in the dessert of disbelief.

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