Nov 29

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Government; the word means mind control.

corporate law enforcement

This very clever system has been put in place to control the people; who are an asset on the balance sheet for the re-payment; through taxes; of the apparent debt owed to the international monetary system. The system tightens or loosens the flow of this money in many ways; by the prices charged for commodities; land; labour; fuel; food; the stock market and exchange rate.

By now we all know that money is borrowed into existence; so that bankers can charge interest. Interest is usury which is prohibited by some people in some countries; such as Syria; Iraq and Iran.

The financial system has created such a choke hold over people; that they are rising up in protest. Understandably so, but there lies the rub.


Internationally the governments have been putting various instruments in place to prepare for civil unrest and that is the plan.

In the US we are witnessing the Ferguson riots; where a policeman shot and killed a young man; he was not indicted and with the help of government agents riots began; any scenario will do. There is evidence that police set fire to their own vehicles and the verdict of the grand jury was known long before the news broke. Riot police were standing by; with riot vehicles for when the story was released. Businesses were removing valuables and security companies couldn’t cope with the work. All carefully orchestrated.

This was staged to bring in marshal law; to suspend what is left of the constitution and detain enemy belligerents; the people. Now the same protests have migrated to London?

This essay is not about governments; or police or even the financial system, it is about control.

In South Africa; which is a large part of this system; we have representatives of the people in parliament; protesting.

Protests are about control and whilst the sentiments are understandable; they play into the hands of controllers.

The 2010 riots in London were a psyop; as agents were paid to burn cars and break windows. Finance is a useful tool to trigger violence, race and religion are others, cities, countries; even entire continents are controlled that way. The Military Industrial Complex has to have it’s wheels greased.

The only way to make any change to the system of control is to infiltrate it; and make those changes from within, that is what has been done to all peoples and that is how we can take back this world.

Most of us have positions within the system; from bank tellers; and tax collectors to members of parliament; military and police; let us all take a long hard look at what we are doing to support the system; we have bank accounts and are paying mortgages; we buy petrol and hamburgers.


Do not turn up for a protest, stop waving placards and chanting; simply remove your consent and presence from the yoke of the control. Make changes from inside their own system; as they have done; except use your power for good.

Imagine how silly they would have appeared if the riot squad had been the only ones to show up at the protests; we could have filmed them from the fringes; burning their own cars and fighting with their own agents.

The US is being pushed into a revolution; by agents; so that they can be detained and sent to the prison camps under the control of the Federal Emergency Management Agency; who closed shop during hurricane Sandy due to bad weather; and were useless in all the other disasters too. They are the concentration camp controllers; and the people are enemy belligerents.

Humanity is considered the enemy of the corporate system and we are controlled from birth to death; we are slaves.

We can be the change we want to see in the world; if we proceed with integrity; without focussing on greed; hatred and control over others. With our technology and determination it can be done; this planet with all it’s wonders was placed in our care and so far we have abused that trust.

We did have an excuse; we were purposefully misled, duped; but we know now; hence the riots.

There are three types of people; the controllers; the controlled; and the ones who wish to be a part of the solution to create a better environment of peace, which are you?


I link here to a great speech by a great man President Kennedy 1963.


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