Feb 26

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Fire the lot of them


We have walked around with placards and we have shared our thoughts with friends, on the internet, and in the pub; all to no avail. We have begged; pleaded and demanded. We have signed petitions. We have voted for the other guy.

The corruption carries on.

Governments are bewitched by the corporations and high rollers who pay them large numbers with counterfeit money to do their bidding. All governments are compromised and not fit for purpose, all are corruptible or being blackmailed.

The people will never be permitted to vote away the power of the elite; controllers are selected for their ability to follow orders.

Our children are used as lab-rats by pharmaceutical companies and our water and food is poisoned by corporate interests.


Our young men and women are unemployed and direction-less; so many oak leaves blowing in the wind. Many of these youngsters have massive student loans that they have no hope of settling.

The indoctrination has provided a false picture of who we are and what we are capable of.

Religion tells us that we are the sinners; that it’s all our fault.

Our police arrest people who are innocent of crimes perpetrated largely by the police themselves; all to keep the prison system in business.

We are told of evil bogeymen hiding under our beds; when those evil ones are making our laws and providing staged events to keep us misdirected.


Wars are raging in lands where no war has been declared and all that the people want is safety and freedom; just as we all do.

Our media is spinelessly repeating the lies fed to them; interspersed with commercials and sport and then calling a rap.


Our natural resources are being stolen; our land and artefacts given away.

Our finances are syphoned off by the bankers who channel the fruits of our labour into the outstretched hands of the corrupt, who rub their hands with glee as their personal wealth swells exponentially at the expense of the innocent.


In the name of ‘national security’ we are fed lies on an industrial scale. We are incapable of making informed decisions based on those lies.

The ‘legal’ system defends corporate interest; the only ones who understand how the game is played. The good are silenced and the bad lauded.

Our earth is being annihilated by greed; wildlife killed off whilst we watch.

Our armed forces stand facing the people; ready to follow the command of foreign interlopers; who send the arms and ammunition and provide the training for these forces.

corporate law enforcement

When the will of the people shows strength of purpose and loyalty to the land and it’s countrymen; it is reprimanded and rebuked by the system that took an oath to protect it from invaders; foreign and domestic.

There is only one possible outcome; a chipped and pinned, transhumanist, unarmed humanity; doing the will of the slave masters, all courage gone.

This is the future we desire for our children?

The world has been subjugated and broken; it’s strength and determination to work; look after it’s family and defend it’s borders has been taken from it’s numb fingers. It stares at the leaders with horror as realisation sinks in that it has been betrayed.

We need no new world order to bring us peace; we need to take back our countries; we are the saviours of this world; look for no other.

The enemy is not only within the gates, it has been running the world for aeons. There is no reasoning with these ‘leaders’; they are leading us and our world to the gates of hell. If we cannot see this; we deserve all that is coming.



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