Oct 16

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The Ebola Scare. A psyop!


Way back at the start of April 2014; I was saying that this is a staged event, people didn’t believe me then and maybe still don’t. I wrote again about Ebola in August and mentioned the US patent. The swine flu; bird flu and others fizzled. AIDS has been moderately successful; symptoms are engineered and the shots establish a weakened immune system. Target populations are “treated”

Look at the facts:- There are many messages coming out of the affected area of West Africa that say these are staged events; the reason is to control the people; quarantine them and vaccinate them. All the news presstitutes are using crisis actors. Why?

We can guess that it is a simple way to control the defence of a country and loot it.

America is being looted and the people are frightened. Frightened people are easily controlled. Border defences have been breached and people are being brought into the country from the south; it seems that they are sick with infections; and are herded into quarantine. Can it be that something is being spread intentionally? You bet!

Ask yourself why would they want to spread infections around the world. Answer; to take the last remaining dregs of control and assets. They try and buy; then steal and bribe; finally they attack using the locals to do it; this used to be called foreign invasion; now it is just the globalists pushing their weight around and sticking their noses in where they don’t belong.

I draw your attention once more to the words of Henry Kissinger; “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the third world” and another quote from the same globalist “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer” I think that Uncle Henry is talking about everyone other than him and his co-conspirators.

Globalists are the Empire; you remember; the ones who invade all countries; massacre the local people; inflict the religions on them and steal land; and assets. They rig the financial system as a large syphoning operation and drive around in fancy cars; fly jets and never pay tax; those guys who live in castles and palaces; and never answer to any law; in fact they have that rigged too.

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The globalists are conniving and clever; they are also psychopaths who care nothing for destroying billions of lives in their push for final control; their New World Order; this is the UN by the way; a done deal.

The Middle East is almost annihilated and if you think it is going to stop there; you are naïve; the rest of Africa will soon look the same as Gaza. ISIS and Ebola are tools of the trade, as are Boko Haram etc. etc. there are no missing girls; never were. There was a series of exercises and false flags; to get a reaction so that “They” can be there with the solution, nothing short of full control; of food; water; air and wealth; and your life.

Don’t get me started on 911 or Fukushima.

I suggest that if you have read this far; you are waiting to be convinced; waiting is a bad idea and convincing you is not my job; informing you is.

Check out the links below and consider yourself informed.

Me? I will not take the shot.






Also check http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/ for the latest research regarding Ebola; he is the best source for information on this subject and many others. Thank you James.

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