Feb 09

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Democracy; another look

10388067_874094362608662_8336527790597300964_nAs many countries are off to the polls this year; I thought it appropriate to bring this information to your attention once more.

The two party system; is a myth.

When we register to vote we are telling the world that we allow ourselves to be governed.

The votes are rigged and the candidate already selected, sometimes years before.

The polling process is asking for an opinion; which we give.

The candidates run a campaign; and then we place a cross on the ballot paper; confirming that we are conforming.

The electoral overseers move in to make sure that all goes according to the plan and the winner is applauded. The electronic voting system has made things really easy to manipulate and strangely we see what a close call it all was; it could have gone either way. Sometimes when the new guy starts the victory celebrations; the votes aren’t all in.

We wave our flags and cheer and then wait for our chosen one to fulfil his or her promises. There is no contract and promises are broken, that is frustrating; well; we will wait some more; after all the new president is busy and has to undo most of the mistakes that the last guy created.


We wait.

Even if democracy could work; how can things be fair when one man or woman and a top heavy; bloated bunch of leaders; who are overpaid by corporate interests; do not represent the followers of the candidate who conceded. The individual countries are registered corporations too; which means they gave away their rights; so how can they represent you especially when they are paid huge sums to represent somebody else?

Registration comes from the word Regis which means king.

You cannot complain as you gave away your right to freedom when you registered to vote. We have to vote; as the alternative is anarchy. We do not understand that what we are supporting is tyranny.

Anyway it is useless to participate in the deception. The agenda will continue; control will roll out with or without you.

Free will right?

Imagine if we all failed to register; didn’t show up, wouldn’t they look silly?

When we participate in the criminal state we are not only consenting to be governed; but to sanction all the criminal activity that they are involved in; in our name, shame on us.


Here is a very good take on where we are now; watch and learn.


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