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Mar 13

Great the “Peacekeepers” are here!

The tanks and vehicles of the United Nations are arriving in South Africa. Spotted by a vigilant citizen rolling towards Johannesburg from Zimbabwe, see the link below. Their work in Zimbabwe is obviously complete. So what can we glean from this show? Let us take a step back for a moment, as this tit-bit needs …

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Mar 07

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

“In the desires of a terrible and formidable sect, you have only reached the first stages of the plans it has formed for that general Revolution which is to overthrow all thrones, all altars, annihilate all property, efface all law, and end by dissolving all society.”The Abbe Barruel (1797) writing on the Anti-Christian Conspiracy Let …

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Mar 02

Fires on Table Mountain Cape Town.

Breaking News Fires started up yesterday; Sunday. Originating in Muizenburg and fanned by heavy winds they soon spread across a large area. Noordhoek Manor, a retirement home has been evacuated. According to a local source four homes in Hout Bay have been destroyed. Helicopters began water bombing the fires as soon as they received the …

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Mar 01

A state of the world address.

We know what is wrong, so how do we fix it? A quick recap. People are currently delivering letters of complaint to Prime Ministers, Presidents and members of congress. That is bound to be effective; as we have had so much success with protests; strikes and the like. These people are corporate representatives and members …

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Feb 26

Fire the lot of them

We have walked around with placards and we have shared our thoughts with friends, on the internet, and in the pub; all to no avail. We have begged; pleaded and demanded. We have signed petitions. We have voted for the other guy. The corruption carries on. Governments are bewitched by the corporations and high rollers …

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Feb 23

Whistle-blower receives a visit from The Hawks.

South African author Stephen Goodson under investigation. This man has written two books exposing the corruption and fraud in the South African Reserve Bank and the South African banking system, to the tune of trillions of Rands owed to the people. Stephen Goodson is one of the good guys. So apparently telling the truth and …

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Feb 20

Cognitive dissonance.

This is the inability to reason beyond the limits of belief. Most people prefer to believe the lies than to suffer the loneliness and ridicule of seeking the truth. We are indoctrinated from birth; into a world that is unnatural and are assisted by parents and family to adapt to this world; this is no …

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Feb 18

No Antarctica on the UN logo?

Whilst we are on the subject of pictures…. Here are some which you should also consider; very seriously. Five hundred years ago; the earth was flat. Everyone knew that if you went far enough; you were in danger of falling off the edge. This mindset was very bad for business; the empire was about to …

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Feb 16

Some pictures for you to think about.

This time I am telling you and showing you pictures. However I am not telling you so that you can pass exams, I am telling you so you can choose. It is time that we all start to re-consider everything that we know. Our indoctrination prohibits us from having an open mind, there are things …

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Feb 13

Secrecy; The words of John F. Kennedy

“The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society: and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies; to secret oaths and to secret proceedings” John Fitzgerald Kennedy. (Link to the full speech below) It is no small wonder that this good man had to go. This piece …

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Feb 12


We have noticed that recently you have changed your name from ISIS to SIS, however this name change is not reflected on much of your website. We have a question or two for you. You state that you offer assistance globally to US armed forces; US government and US contractors. Would this assistance be …

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Feb 09

Our World; The Construct.

The truth has been with-held from us, not only that but we have been deliberately lied to. We occupy a constructed reality, a very clever hologram; a dream world. The physical world is made of atoms; if all the empty space around the atoms were to be compressed; the known 3rd dimension would be the …

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Feb 09

Democracy; another look

As many countries are off to the polls this year; I thought it appropriate to bring this information to your attention once more. The two party system; is a myth. When we register to vote we are telling the world that we allow ourselves to be governed. The votes are rigged and the candidate already …

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Feb 09

Humanity; the Split.

As we become increasingly more connected; and aware of the real news; mainly due to the internet; we have to have noticed that humanity is divided into two very distinct groups, in fact it is difficult not to notice. Some years ago we may have been aware that life was simply not fair. The poor …

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Dec 21

Predictions for 2015

Predictions for 2015 and A Happy Holiday Wish. Firstly let’s get the doom and gloom out of the way. We are going to be witnessing more civil unrest; this is triggered by false flag events and supported by well paid; really bad; crisis actors; and the military; police and soldiers. Hands up those of you …

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Nov 29

Government; the word means mind control.

This very clever system has been put in place to control the people; who are an asset on the balance sheet for the re-payment; through taxes; of the apparent debt owed to the international monetary system. The system tightens or loosens the flow of this money in many ways; by the prices charged for commodities; …

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Nov 25

Loadshedding/Rolling Blackouts in South Africa

Prominently displayed on the ESKOM website is the following statement and I quote “At the heart of an electricity utility such as Eskom is the responsibility for supplying the electricity on which modern society depends. Eskom’s power stations operate 365 days a year. Like most other power utilities Eskom’s Generation Group maintains a varied portfolio …

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Oct 31

Gun Control in South Africa

The Police are now supporting the ANC; a political party referred to as the ruling party; who are calling for stricter controls over gun legislation. I saw this coming when we had the massive; multi million rand débâcle over the Oscar Pistorious trial. This was an ideal opportunity to try to disarm the people. What …

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Oct 30

“Smart” People

The world is up in arms; and is attempting to prevent some of the “Smart” technology that has been in play in South Africa for years. Being a Vatican owned territory; using Roman/Dutch law BAR members; with a history of interaction with Brenda and the empire/commonwealth; it is to be expected. We have a branch …

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Oct 16

The Ebola Scare. A psyop!

Way back at the start of April 2014; I was saying that this is a staged event, people didn’t believe me then and maybe still don’t. I wrote again about Ebola in August and mentioned the US patent. The swine flu; bird flu and others fizzled. AIDS has been moderately successful; symptoms are engineered and …

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