May 01

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Calling All South Africans

Urgent information that affects the future.

We have the elections in South Africa scheduled for the 7th May 2014. This is serious and the responsibility lies with all who are eligible to vote.

Are you disillusioned with what we have seen for the past twenty years, two decades?

For those of us who have given our consent to be governed, registered, there are 29 parties from which to choose.

For those of us who have not registered there is an opportunity to influence how this country moves forward.

Historically the land of South Africa has seen violence and bloodshed dating back to the times when the Empire recognised the potential for easy, inexpensive theft of land, resources and jurisdiction. This was accomplished by the Victorians in the person of Cecil John Rhodes in the employ of the bankers. Many people were sacrificed to the god ba’al during the plunder of the diamonds and gold. Nothing has changed, the plunder continues unabated; it has simply become more covert.

In these modern times the bankers are still behind the fraud and theft perpetrated against the people and their land. The instruments that are used are notes issued in limitless supply to enslave the people for generations to come; all debt creates wealth for the bankers and leads the people into the poverty witnessed by the suffering, homelessness and starvation obvious to all with eyes to see. Apparently our “legal” system and our government are complicit, although many are attempting to change the way things are done. For the people that system is broken and needs repair. We should never pay for justice; we have paid enough.

Since Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa and the people were freed from the tyranny of apartheid; things in this country at the southernmost tip of Africa have only worsened.

The system that governs South Africa is based on lies; deceit and corruption. We cannot cast blame on any person, political party or policy enforcer. Blame must be laid firmly at the door of the covert banking fraud and the system that allowed it to manifest, unbeknownst to us all.

The land is a corporation and the government that apparently runs the country answers to the shareholders not the people. The corporation also has limited liability, just the same as any corporate entity.

All members of the African National Congress including the President of the corporation have been doing an excellent job on behalf of the shareholders, witness the wealth of the members of that corporation. What all of us fail to realise is that when any party is selected it’s “loyalty” switches away from any party of the people.

Look at Zimbabwe, a verdant land which produced tea and tobacco, and much more; the people were looked after. The land has been plundered so much that there is virtually nothing left, and who is still running the show? The same guy for decades, he was challenged and fair elections were denied. Yet in North Africa and elsewhere democracy is bombed into sovereign countries….

Witness President Obama of the US corporation, he is not even required to be an American, and pays lip service to American people; whilst pursuing the agenda of the corporate bankers who fund him through the IMF, nothing to do with the people/victims. The US corporate military; of the same military industrial complex of which Eisenhower warned; is training the South African military, openly in the land of South Africa, and don’t get me started about the rest of the damage being done.

Revolution is not the answer, they can then call in the troops being trained to counter civil unrest, that they create.

The world is managed by limited liability, faceless corporations and needs to be seen for what it is. The legal system gives no credence to the constitution or the bill of rights, how can it? It is merely an arm of the system that suppresses any rights of the people who power the company.


The people power this machine, we stand idly by whilst promises of hope and change are thrown at us, nobody seems to notice or care, whilst freedom is exchanged for slavery. Without our support the scam will collapse.

Times are changing, the people are claiming back from the corrupt system all that has been lost. The system has to change from corporation to people, from corrupt to free. We can make that change happen.

The ball is now rolling since a preliminary common law trial was held at the constitutional court on 29th April. In short the people are seeking a referendum to change the status of law to one of the people. The Gift of Truth United are seeking governance by the people of the people and for the people. Links below.

The Ubuntu Party is doing the same, they are saying that the government has been hijacked and that the land of South Africa must be claimed back in the name of the people. Links below.

So, the voter has a chance right here right now to influence the future on behalf of those who have gone before, for the benefit of those who are to come.

Should you believe in the rights of the people, and wish to vote, only vote for the Ubuntu Party, who has started a movement in 200 countries around the world and whose election funding has been sponsored by those International members. They will change the system for the better so that the people will have a voice.

Should you not wish to vote; or are prevented by circumstances from doing so, then you can sign a vote of no confidence in the corrupt system that is hell bent on removing what little remains of the freedom of the people of this wonderful land, who have given so much in the past and whose future looks bleak; unless the sufferers of this injustice do once more what they have done; and can do again; come together in love; understand that we have all been duped and there is one enemy of our elusive freedom, not each other. To sign the vote of no confidence go to Gift of Truth, link below.

We must ask ourselves, are we content to let this criminal activity continue unabated until all people of the world are slaves? Do we want more of the same? Then make a choice to make a difference; otherwise never complain again, never moan about injustice and then vote for it; or say that they need another chance; two decades is enough. The Democratic Alliance have changed nothing either.

Our thanks and love go to; amongst others; two men who have given so much; two contemporary heroes; Brother Thomas of Gift of Truth United and Michael Tellinger of Ubuntu Party. They are leading us into a free land. Let us once again show the world how together we can make history.

I; naturally; am totally unbiased in my views.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i_EgOjeXuM Banking crooks.

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  1. Giftoftruth

    Thanks Bobby,

    yes, if you have registered to vote and you still believe in voting as a solution then Ubuntu Liberation movement is the ‘politial’ party of the people and UZA (Unified Grand Jury of Southern Africa) is the common law arm of the people.

    In Peace

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