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The Last Civilisation Helen Ottley

  • June 1, 2015
  • 258 pages

The genre is Science Fiction.

This is the tale of a group of unlikely allies who join forces across time and space to confront a powerful adversary. Often humorous, sometimes horrifying and frequently poignant, we read of lives disrupted by greed in the circles of power. The story is woven around the lives of ordinary men and women; young and old; rich and poor; who unite their many varied talents with a goal to bring about a unique utopia, one that may; or may not be; within their grasp. The author has taken this story from the safety of the accepted norm and woven a tale of intrigue; horror; love affairs and betrayal. Set in modern times we follow the clearly defined characters down a path where the action never slows down and always keeps the reader guessing and turning pages until all is revealed. This novel reads like an exciting documentary, with a magical thread woven throughout.

Recommended reading. Book Worm


A Horse Called Moses Helen Ottley

  • Helen Ottley
  • April 11, 2014
  • 260 pages

This is the true story of a brief encounter with an equine messenger.

This meeting lead to research and the awakening of a woman searching for direction in an otherwise; apparently, meaningless life.

The author has included many poignant episodes which; when later analysed; added to the realisation that all is not as it seems.

She has invited us in to the hidden world; and asks that we consider her findings and understand who we truly are.

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A Introduction to the Alien Races Book

Alien RacesDante Santori has given us the Alien Races Book, information contained was provided to the Russian Intelligence agents. It answers questions that we have asked for decades. We are not alone.

With thanks to Dante for making this available.

Keep an open mind.

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Wholesome Eats

Front coverThere is a trend towards natural eating and natural alternatives yet too many terminologies such as GSM, BST, GI, organic, etc are confusing people and leads to information overload.  People are beginning to realise that the concept ‘healthy’ has become a commercialised trend and a money-making scheme. Yes, it is true that our soil has depleted and is losing nutritional value and that we should consume vitamins and minerals with our meals but my argument is why not consume the vitamins and minerals in their most natural state whenever possible as opposed to popping pills.

I want to create the awareness that ‘wholesome’ is more achievable. Reverting to the basics of eating fruits, vegetables, grains, spices and lentils is much easier to grasp, less time consuming, realistic, affordable and achievable.

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