Apr 30

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Anarchy defined.

The definition of an Anarchist is somebody who is against the Archons and the Archontic agenda.

The Archons are interdimensional beings who are feeding off energy; they cannot create, only manipulate. These Archons were mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls and were spoken about by Enoch as appearing through doorways as if from another world.

Black Magic is the control of these beings; to use their power to increase the influence of the user.

John Dee was a magician in the employ of Elizabeth 1st of England. The original plan was to create gold and the plan developed into the summoning of demons to achieve this end. John Dee was known as 007.

The secret services of this planet are run by such magicians; working with negative forces to manipulate our world for control of all. This has been going on for thousands of years.

When we are confronted by such evil manipulation, we easily recognise it as such, yet feel weak in the face of it. All authority over the people is derived from us yielding to the apparent power controlling us. We succumb; usually unaware that we can say no.

We have been bonded into slavery, and there is an ongoing struggle by evil forces; to keep us in the dark; literally. We answer questions, fill in forms, apply for licences, register for permissions to carry a firearm; drive a car; get married; get divorced, and to vote to once again be governed. We give our energy; in the form of labour and property; in exchange for worthless currency. This ponzi scheme is almost done, it has burned out and is merely being kept alive by our belief in it.

People are becoming aware of the double dealing and the fraud that has been perpetrated against them.

Revolutions are happening around the world; not reported by the mainstream presstitutes who are keeping our minds focussed on games, gossip and glamour. A few of the ways these archons can keep control over the earth is by spying; remote control drones and policing; which is not so effective as police are us too. Soldiers are laying down their weapons and bankers are being suicided.

The ones that control the world are the ones we are not allowed to criticize. Secrecy has to be maintained as without it; they have no control.

All the wars; all the attacks; all the bombs and accidents; all the divisions that we have are staged; as by our bickering amongst ourselves; we are easy to control. 9/11; Gulf of Tonkin; Lusitania; Pearl Harbor; WWI and WWII, the list of manipulation is endless. All fingers are pointing accusingly at the controllers. Follow the money, who stands to gain?

This is the Military Industrial Complex of which President Eisenhower warned us; keeping demand for arms and the sale of them paramount to their bottom line, trillionaires all.

Anarchists are an essential part of a free society.

The Middle East is ravaged by war; triggered by these magicians, innocents are dying due to lies and misdirection. The US and NATO as well as the EU corporations are becoming powerless in the staging of false flag events; as we see through the deceit; even before it occurs. These corporations want our loyalty; yet have never earned it and can therefore never demand it. We are told to be loyal to the flag and the nation; the nation is dead and the corporate flag flies over the land. We are not shareholders in the corporation; we are tax assets on the balance sheet. We were not a party to the signing of the constitution; therefore it does not apply to us.

I have a question for you; if this was to be the last day of your life; how would you spend your time?

Jeff Berwick has some ideas.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zD7xR0DGuE&feature=player_embedded

Me? I have some ideas too. Unless we stop feeding this evil machine, it will be our last day.


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