Mar 25

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Almost 103 years later…. The Titanic?


We all know about the sinking of the Titanic; an unsinkable ship of the White Star Line. Her maiden voyage was lauded and applauded across the earth. She has also subsequently become a symbol for disaster.

On April 14th 1912; she sank after striking an iceberg in the North Atlantic en route to New York. With the rule being women and children first; most of the victims were men.

There were insufficient lifeboats to hold the 2222 passengers, the majority of the third class/steerage passengers drowned as they were trapped behind class gates; locked in.

The RMS Carpathia steamed as fast as she could; once the distress signal was received; but was only able to rescue 705 people from the lifeboats, 1715 souls had perished in the icy north Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland; the ship sank 2.5m to the bottom. Survival in freezing water is between 3 and 5 minutes and victims would have to be far enough away to not be sucked down; life-jackets would have been useless; wreckage would have been scarce.

Now for the true story.

The Titanic did not sink; her sister ship the Olympic sank. Titanic and Olympic were almost identical; it was simple to change nameplates; most insignia was simply White Star Line.th3BJDED5C

The Olympic had been involved in various collisions; one with the HMS Hawke; and would fail a seaworthy test; she was not fit for purpose due to a bad list to port; various patch repairs had been riveted to her hull; above and below the waterline…..irreparable, uninsurable, a write off.

The owner J.P Morgan had to stage a disaster for a few reasons.


The insurance money of $12.5m, the claim was paid by Lloyds of London; and the British government was complicit; as they all knew the war was planned and Britain would need shipping assistance.

Some very wealthy passengers needed to go, the most important one was Colonel John Jacob Astor, of Waldorf fame, a financial supporter and friend of Nicola Tesla; from whom Morgan had withdrawn his support; as he didn’t want to give free anything to humanity. Astor smoked a cigarette whilst his new wife boarded a lifeboat. Astor also was vehemently against the proposed Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 about 18 months later; during the Christmas holidays.


There was a smouldering fire in the coal bunker; possibly a plan B.

The ship’s Captain Smith; had to be in on the plan; a simple insurance scam, however he was probably told that all passengers would survive; and be transferred to the Californian; she would be standing by for a signal. White flares were used; whereas red flares must be used for SOS; perhaps there were no red flares on board. The Californian did not respond; although she was stationary with engines running. This was a rendezvous; gone wrong.


J Bruce Ismay who was the President of the White Star Line survived the disaster and never lived it down, he also had to be a party to the cover up; and knew his ship was doomed; but had been assured of a rescue, there would be no loss of life, he died in 1937.


The Olympic hit an iceberg to mask the existing damage to the starboard side; she would be in the water for a few hours before sinking; enough time to get most passengers off. But; and here is the clincher, Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss had to die; all three men opposed the Federal Reserve System and may even have been offered complimentary state rooms. These men would probably have been shot if they attempted to board a lifeboat. The ship had to sink; there had to be enough lifeboats for the women and children only; 16 instead of the prescribed 65.

People aboard; following instructions; who knew what was going on; were waiting to be rescued; and did not panic; hence the apparent slow reaction to the incident and the band playing whilst they waited; there was also no need to cram the lifeboats; as help was expected.

In 1985 the wreck was located and there is sufficient proof that this was indeed not the Titanic; but her sister ship RMS Olympic. There was evidence due to the number of portholes and lettering on the rudder as well as the name plate; and colour of the undercoat layer of paint.


This was yet another diabolical scheme; to extinguish lives and further the criminal agenda of an evil corporation; one that is still doing business today. Another aspect worth mentioning is the spin-off trade; museums; memorabilia; movies etc. which all help to keep the lie alive.

Oddly Morgan had decided to cancel his trip to New York at the last minute, and spent time with his mistress. Mrs Ismay citing ill health took the children on a motor trip.

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