Aug 04

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All of us are aware that something is amiss, something is not right.

see the world

This article is intended to help you see it; to do your own investigation. To do this properly; you will need to forget all that you have been taught.

We run around living little lives; concentrating our efforts on survival; seldom seeing the big picture.

We follow the ‘system’ that has been set up; unquestioning; and frequently knowingly participating in; the big lie.

There is only one lie; and we; humanity are the victims. All of us, irrespective of apparent divisions; colour; race; faith; financial status; age and so on.

The education system is set up to turn us into easily programmable; profitable; workers and debt slaves, not to teach us facts.

The science system is set up to give us a false picture of reality.

The religious system is set up to make us think ( believe) that we are the product of a loving benevolent ‘god’ who loves us; yet imposes rules. When we step out of line; this loving being destroys us; tortures us and never forgives us; yet demands that we worship him; and even offer sacrificial tribute.

The justice system is rigged to make us pay; never to give us justice.

The financial system is a ponzi scheme run by criminal cartels and robs us of our wealth; in exchange for worthless paper.

http://www.henrymakow.com/130402.html Reserve Bank Fraud.

The health system is not about health or cures; it is designed to control disease; CDC; and feed the control structure.

The military system is designed to manipulate mind controlled slaves to follow orders; unquestioningly; to ultimately be sacrificed on the field of battle.


The intelligence services are the gateway to the secret world; with cries of ‘national security’ all evidence of the biggest crimes are deleted.

The main stream presstitutes feed the lie to the people.

The system of government is run by people whom we do not know; to control us; by force if necessary.

There is an underground system of cities and all are interconnected. This is where the missing people are taken; deep underground; to continue what remains of their lives as experimental pieces of human DNA. Millions go missing annually, never to be seen or heard from again.

Black budgets finance the secret world; using drugs and prostitution.

How long has this been going on? It began way back in pre-history.

We must accept that the lie is everywhere; it affects us all everyday; in every aspect of our existence in this place that we refer to as home. This home; with our help; is becoming our tomb.

What should we do about this obvious fraud? Simply say no. I do not consent. I will not participate. Hurry now as time is short.

Should we refute the evidence that is before us; we are delivering our children and our grandchildren into an existence comparable to unimaginable hell. We have become sleeping cowards, content to wait out the problem; and hoping to be saved.

We must save ourselves. We have allies; who are giving their lives for us; yet still we sit.

Shame on us.


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