May 16

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A memo for the cattle.

Jade Helm is going live worldwide.


Have you seen the helicopters, the military vehicles and equipment in your area?

If you ever had any doubt that there is a central control; it should have gone by now. There are no countries or sovereign nations left; all free people have been subjugated and dominated. Either your home is at war; or it soon will be.

There is a great challenge ahead; and you now need to decide who you work for. There is still time to make the right decision based on fact. Alternatively you will; maybe; survive in a dystopian society; who still cares nothing for your welfare.

JADE is an app set forth in DARPA planning documents from ROME, NY in 1961 more than fifty years ago.
“Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution”

HELM 2015

“Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”

Noun: eradication; plural noun: eradication. The complete destruction of something. So if you have been bitching about the bankers, the corruption, the incompetence of the government, make no mistake; you are on the list.

The bank crash is coming and where will you be with no access to a credit card or even your savings? No food, your power is cut and the water dries up. Maybe you will be out there screaming for justice, that is exactly what they want and are prepared for.


I am not encouraging a knee jerk reaction of fear, fight or flight. I am saying look at what we as a race are allowing to unfold whilst we sit and wonder.

Will your weapon be used for defence or attack? Will you be yet another white cross for the cabal?

Remember your ancestors gave their lives so that you could have one. Will you not do the same for your children?

I have included links for further study; and my thanks go to Zen and Dahboo 7 for bringing us closer to the truth.




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