Apr 02

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A Gift that is Priceless… The Gift of Truth.

How do you feel today? Life getting you down?

rights and democracy

We all experience feelings of fear, remorse, regret, stress and anxiety. Some of us are unwell; fighting dis-ease. We have to earn a living to survive and pay our debt.

Things such as these affect our relationships, at home and at work, with our neighbours, it all causes more distress and a cycle of depression usually ensues.

We may have someone we can turn to in times of need, there are some good people who help with problems.

What we truly need is a team of great folk who can understand, explain how life works and can give us the tools to climb out of the heavy, everyday challenges that appear to suck us in.

They can help get to the place that we all need to be and to finally experience that aha moment that leads to freedom.

There is such a team, learned in their approach, cheerful in the face of challenge, well read and there for us all.

You will find that there is a solution to how to interact with the system of control, the criminals that are running our world and have been for a very long time.

Picture if you will; a world free of police and magistrates, where every man and woman can take responsibility for all that they do. Where the law of the land replaces the aggressive law of the sea, and all folk are equal, without boundaries. We are not speaking of anarchy here, we are speaking of freedom and self determination.

There is one law DO NO HARM. All other regulations and acts are corporate statutes and enforced by policy enforcers, to feed the bottom line.

It is not a law breaker to travel fast in your car, unless you do harm, if you do harm you must make amends. You; we; are morally responsible for all that we do and should be held accountable if we do harm.

Where does your fine go if you pay one? Who is the injured party? Where is your accuser?

Find out and rethink your values.

There is no need to leave your home due to foreclosure or to be dragged through the courts. It is possible to live a life free of intimidation and threats, we are not children. We can learn how to extricate ourselves from tyranny.

Never pay members of the law society to speak for you, you are capable of speech and constructive thought. Do not go to court and expect justice, expect a large bill, that is all.

A judge is a third party arbitrator working for a corporation, he is not on your side, he is there simply to make money from you.

To get advise today go to http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/ How about giving them half of the money you save on attorneys.

The Peoples Referendum make a vote of no confidence for the coming elections in South Africa.

There is a People’s Court, where you can obtain the justice that our people deserve. Act for freedom, we did it before, we can again. Become a part of the solution.

Speak to good; honest folk who offer the right advise, today. These people deserve our support.

For a Gift to you and your loved ones of Truth, go to the people who can help lawfully, they have no hidden agenda, the purpose is Truth; for you, good advise…… take it.


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