Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 31

Gun Control in South Africa

The Police are now supporting the ANC; a political party referred to as the ruling party; who are calling for stricter controls over gun legislation. I saw this coming when we had the massive; multi million rand débâcle over the Oscar Pistorious trial. This was an ideal opportunity to try to disarm the people. What …

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Oct 30

“Smart” People

The world is up in arms; and is attempting to prevent some of the “Smart” technology that has been in play in South Africa for years. Being a Vatican owned territory; using Roman/Dutch law BAR members; with a history of interaction with Brenda and the empire/commonwealth; it is to be expected. We have a branch …

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Oct 16

The Ebola Scare. A psyop!

Way back at the start of April 2014; I was saying that this is a staged event, people didn’t believe me then and maybe still don’t. I wrote again about Ebola in August and mentioned the US patent. The swine flu; bird flu and others fizzled. AIDS has been moderately successful; symptoms are engineered and …

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Oct 12

A couple of local South African rants.

1) Do you use PEE in your business? Let me start closer to the beginning. There is a law in South Africa that means you have to use a certain quota to be racially/demographically correct, in other words if you employ a force of 100 people then 80 of them must be black. This law …

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Oct 08

An Ode to the Good

Some people are far too good put themselves in harms way; they never should they suffer the pain; anguish and loss to help the people who don’t give a toss They see the evil as the tentacles spread but the horror goes on for the price of some bread if we had no money there …

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Oct 02

The REAL South African News

A country who is ignoring it’s most valuable asset; it’s people; can not flourish. Henry Ford said that the way to pay his workers was to ensure that they could afford to buy his product. Henry is gone and look at Detroit, it stopped producing; as manufacturing moved away; and now Detroit is dead and …

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