Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 30

Anarchy defined.

The definition of an Anarchist is somebody who is against the Archons and the Archontic agenda. The Archons are interdimensional beings who are feeding off energy; they cannot create, only manipulate. These Archons were mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls and were spoken about by Enoch as appearing through doorways as if from another world. …

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Apr 28

So… Do I have Your Attention?

Maybe I do by now. You should be diving into the information stored on the internet, in books and other papers. You should be in a state similar to a sponge, ready to disseminate and separate fact from fiction. Your eyes should be wide and your mind hungry for knowledge; ears straining for the slightest …

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Apr 16

A Horse called Moses. By Helen Ottley

Book Review. This is a book that gives large portions of the author’s life in detail, it is her story of highlighted moments that triggered an awakening to truth. A Horse called Moses is written from a subjective, first person viewpoint; with some highly personal experiences woven throughout. This is a part autobiography and part …

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Apr 14

Extinction Level Event in Progress

200 species per day are vanishing from Earth.   We are at a point in time when all life on our planet is at dire risk. Look at the facts.   Radiation is spreading worldwide, not only from Fukushima but from wars with depleted uranium, other nuclear accidents as well as 1800 nuclear tests. A …

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Apr 07

Africa… Beware AFRICOM

Africa has for decades belonged to the Empire, France, England, Portugal, Germany…. [notice]Have you noticed recently that the US is everywhere in Africa, well all over the world actually, but let’s stick to Africa for the time being.[/notice] We have a list so far, available for update, Somalia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Senegal, Zambia, Nigeria, …

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Apr 04

Ebola, Recent out-break in Africa, 80 Dead.

How to protect your loved ones. Henry Kissinger “ Depopulation should be highest priority of US foreign policy towards the third world”. Read that once more, then read this also by Henry Kissinger “ The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer” Ebola is a river valley in Congo. Ebola is a …

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Apr 02

A Gift that is Priceless… The Gift of Truth.

How do you feel today? Life getting you down? We all experience feelings of fear, remorse, regret, stress and anxiety. Some of us are unwell; fighting dis-ease. We have to earn a living to survive and pay our debt. Things such as these affect our relationships, at home and at work, with our neighbours, it …

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